2014-02-28 Metadata SME working group call


Carolyn Hansen

James Van Mil

Michael S Babinec

Jennifer B Young

Deborah Rose-Lefmann

Alex Papson

Ellen Ramsey 

Carolyn Hansen encouraged members to register with VanillaCurate to explore interfaces, and will send the VanillaCurate URL.

Review group charge

  • Definition of scope

    • SME group will proceed in sprints as needed

  • Additions or changes needed?

    • No Changes

ETD Metadata Profile

  • Are there institution-specific policies that conflict with the profile?

    • Concern over repeatable fields

    • Some vocabularies didn’t make it in - From Northwestern's original work

    • Ellen - Publisher? Wouldn’t this always be the institution?

    • Embargoing - internal vs. external embargo

    • Concerns over nesting - Contributors and degrees

    • Formats - multiple files are okay

    • Related materials - datasets, etc.

    • Keywords - distinct from subjects? more inclusive? Not necessary? Keyword might have more meaning

  • Authority or controlled vocabulary concerns?

    • Northwestern can follow-up with suggestions

  • Additions or changes needed?

    • The group will organize comments online for further discussion

  • Ellen Ramsey shared this link to a screencast featuring UVa’s work with ETDs: http://screencast.com/t/Dkn6utf4 

Next Steps

  • Review work of RDF Working Group

    • James Van Mil will deliver an overview of the work of the RDF Working Group on the next SME WG call, including new features in ActiveFedora which may inform the work of the Metadata SME group.