Thursday 23rd July, 2015


Dial: +1 (530) 881-1400
Access Code: 651025#



Richard Green (Hull)
Sean Aery (Duke)
Julie Allinson (York)
George Kozak (Cornell)


  1.  Roll call
    1. Welcome new folks - introductions
    2. Facilitator and note taker for this call?  Richard
    3. Call for agenda items
  2. So we have all this information but the group's energy seems to have gone.  What are we going to do with what we have?

    1. Can we distill something useful from the research??
      Yes; we have good mapping of current page turning solutions, some good information on modelling, and some good information about possible tools (O'Sullivan, Spiffy etc).  We need to present it all in an organised way so that it is tangible and useful; we should also ensure that it is complementary with the work of the structural metadata group.

    2. What should we do to tidy up the group's work into something useful?
      Richard and Julie will start putting the material into some sort of shape calling on help from other active members of the group as necessary.  A draft of the resulting documentation will be shared with the group for comment and improvement before making it public 

  3. Date of next call
    1. Thursday 13th August (second Thursday) 8.00am PT, 11.00am ET, 4.00pm UK