Committers Call 2012-11-05


  • Moderator: Naomi Dushay (Stanford)
  • Notetaker: Jeremy Friesen (Notre Dame)
  • JIRA Wrangler: Adam Wead (Rock Hall)
  • Attendees: 
    • Dan Coughlin (PennState)
    • Adam (RockHall)
    • Mike Stroming (NW)
    • Edgar Garcia (NW)
    • Chris Colvard (IU)
    • Justin Coyne (MediaShelf)
    • Ben Armintor (Columbia)
    • Michael Klein (NW)
    • Naomi Dushay (Stanford)
    • Monty Hindman (Stanford)
    • Jesse Keck (Stanford)


  1. Call for Agenda items
  2. Next call
    1. Date: Nov. 12th
    2. Moderator: Michael Klein
    3. Notetaker: Mike Stroming
    4. JIRA Wrangler: Justin Coyne
  3. OM
    1. Deprecate .data_type in favor of .type for version 1.8 (awead)
  4. ActiveFedora
    1. We should release a 5.0.0.rc2 with updated om and solrizer dependencies.
  5. Hydra-Head
    1. Trunk is now using blacklight 4.0.0.pre1
    2. Needs a pre2 version of blacklight for hydra-file-access
    3. Should be built against a new version of ActiveFedora
    4. (Jessie has a security issue)
  6. Solrizer
    1. At 2.0.0.rc4
    2. Still issues with solrizing dates.  dates formatted as 2012-11-05 are not valid solr dates.  I think we need something like 2012-11-05T12:00:00Z. See solr_dates branch of active-fedora for a failing test
  7. Solrizer-Fedora
  8. Very Near Term Work
  9. JIRA
    1. Jira Weekly Round up from Sprint for November 5 (today):
      1. type key summary assignee reporter priority status resolution created updated due

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