Partner Meeting 2019 - Code of Conduct Discussion

Document (Proposed Refinement) Samvera Anti-Harassment Policy with New Protocol

Current List of Helpers

Recommendation: To hire a consultant that has experiencing overhauling the code of conduct.

Current State: Prior to the above document and re-evaulation, our policy misses resolution.


Appreciate that the document outlines the reporter-side and actionable steps. It appears that there is a need to expand on procedures and strategies for addressing the accused.

Recommendation from Jessica: Bring SageSharp in as a consultancy, as they have a robust document.

Discussion: Also Valerie Aurora's "How to Respond to Code of Conduct Reports", this provides walk-throughs and scenarios. Stanford used the book and exercises in preparation for LDCX. Expressed desire to have ongoing training, also a more formal mechanism for joining as a helper.

The current question posed by Rosalyn is: Whether or not what we have should be enacted as of Samvera Connect 2019. The above document was shared with helpers for review.

Possible decision: For the above document, helpers must explicitly opt-in for Samvera Connect 2019 and going forward. We want to provide space for current helpers to take a step back and withdraw temporarily (as expectations have changed since they may have joined).

Concerns raised that the Code of Conduct does not still adequately cover enough gaps. Concern raised that we need a better understanding of the international context as it relates to our Code of Conduct.

Decision: The helpers present (Hannah F, Rosalyn M, Brian M, Jeremy F, Bess S) have explicitly stated that they will operate under the Samvera Anti-Harassment Policy with New Protocol, as it fills an existing gap. The community acknowledges that the new Samvera Anti-Harassment Policy with New Protocol does not close all of the gaps, but is an iterative improvement. Partners will adopt the Samvera Anti-Harassment Policy with New Protocol at the effective immediately acknowledging that we will continue to refine this document and procedure.

Acknowledgement: We want a change process for helpers.