11 September 2019


Note TakerRichard Green

Program details on wiki here


  1. Changes to the agenda?

  2. Local Host Updates
    • Registration - 80 paid registrations. Some 20 speakers not registered at 9/9.  Reminder about early bird rate sent out 9/11.
    • T-shirt - Visiting vendor today to set up. Will also check on bags; otherwise will order those online.
    • Sponsorship - Waiting for sponsorship funds from Notch8 and Ubiquity. Who is thanking sponsors (part of WashU welcome or by Jon Dunn?): Jon Dunn
    • Other items? –We have asked to record the plenary morning, do we want to record the WG/IG updates and the lightning talks in the afternoon?
      No afternoon recordings (having consulted the viewer count for the 2018 versions

  3. Closing plenary session
    1. What will this consist of?  Needs to be a worthwhile, tidy wrap-up - maybe summarizing the conference and teasing out trends, answering unanswered questions etc.  Need to refine this idea.
      1. ideas
        1. retrospective, sharing and processing an event (liked, learned, lacked, longed for)
          1. things you learned & questions that remain
        2. "human search engine"
        3. unanswered question
        4. report on the partners meeting
        5. Samvera Connect 2020 
    2. Who will lead/speak/...?
      Brian will contact Jessica Hilt - Anna offered to help JH
      Richard to contact Chrissy Rissmeyer at UCSB and ask her to wrap it up with a 'Come to SB' pitch.

  4. Thank-yous during plenary session
    1. Jon Dunn will do immediately following WashU welcome to which he will first respond. Jon will also thank sponsors (Platinum: EBSCO, Silver: Ubiquity Press, Bronze: DCE and Notch8)

  5. Plenary Speaker - Heidi Kolk
    1. Status check
      Jon Dunn will do intro

  6. Update on status of CFP Presentations and Panels submissions
    1. Review draft timetable
      Timetable has been modified to fill gaps and deal with a pulled talk.
      'Bridging the Gap talk to be moved into the first available slot in track 2 - Richard to action

  7. WG/IG Wednesday session
    1. Status check - 1 so far - 1 to add

  8. Workshop registrations
    1. Status check - 43 to date

  9. Lightning talks
    1. Status check
      4 proposed so far

  10. Poster Session
    1. Status check - 1 so far

  11. Sessionizer
    1. Status check: Aaron is organizing.

  12. Mentor program
    1. Status check
      Call for mentors launched 09/04 - 2 so far

  13. Scholarships
    1. Status check - One of the two has withdrawn - can't get visa in time. Emily will ask around at WashU about process. Coming from Mexico – on staff at College of Mexico effective Sept 1 – but can't get appointment for application until November.

  14. Open discussion

  15. Future Meetings: 
    1. September, 18 (absent Richard)
    2. October, 2  (absent Richard and Karen)
    3. October, 16 (absent Karen)