4 September 2019


Note TakerRichard Green


  1. Changes to the agenda?

  2. Local Host Updates
    • Registration - 61 paid registrations.
    • T-shirt - have design and will go to t-shirt vendor next week.
    • Sponsorship - payments from EBSCO and DCE. Waiting for Notch8 and Ubiquity. Talking to EBSCO about conference bag w/ logo.
    • Other items? – What do we want recorded for plenary session? We will need to arrange AV.
      Certainly need to record all plenary sessions in the morning. Decision on IG/WG sessions and lightning talks when there are more people on the call

  3. Closing plenary session
    1. What will this consist of?
      Needs to be a worthwhile, tidy wrap-up - maybe summarizing the conference and teasing out trends, answering unanswered questions etc.  Need to refine this idea.
    2. Who will lead/speak/...?
  4. Thank-yous during plenary session
    1. When?
      Immediately following welcome from WashU librarian and ahead of the plenary speaker introduction.  
    2. Who?
      Probably should be Samvera Chair or Chair-Elect to be of appropriate status.  Richard to approach them.

  5. Plenary Speaker - Heidi Kolk
    1. Status check
      Good conversation/briefing with her last week.  She will shortly provide a biog and a title.
    2. who to introduce – someone from Samvera?
      See 4b

  6. Update on status of CFP Presentations and Panels submissions
    1. Review draft timetable
    2. Can the gaps in the second track be closed by shifting up?
      Yes.  Richard to do this and publish as a draft.

  7. WG/IG Wednesday session
    1. Status check - 1 so far

  8. Workshop registrations
    1. Status check - 33 to date

  9. Lightning talks
    1. Status check - launching CfP tomorrow

  10. Poster Session
    1. Status check - 1 so far

  11. Sessionizer
    1. Can we plan on using Sessionizer to organize the Unconference slots (please)?
      Richard to email Aaron.

  12. Mentor program
    1. Status check
      Call for mentors launched 09/04

  13. Scholarships
    1. Status check - two awarded and notified, paperwork in progress

  14. Open discussion

  15. Future Meetings: 
    1. September, 11 (absent: Margaret, Mollie)
    2. September, 18 (absent Richard)
    3. October, 2  (absent Richard)
    4. October, 16