16 October 2019


Note TakerRichard Green

Program details on wiki here


  1. Changes to the agenda?

  2. Registrations etc update from WashU
    1. At 142 registrations. Still need Tom Johnson!
    2. Registration(s), where and when (including Tuesday) - to go in email to delegates
    3. Workshops - just go to the appropriate room in Olin? We will have registration desk on 1st (main floor) and signage to direct people to workshops.
    4. RG has shared basic texts for the daily emails.  Please email him or comment in the doc with any alterations/updates/extra as the conference week progresses.  Typically these go out about 5:00-6:00am local.  Local team please supply 'missing' information before the end of this week if poss.
    5. Lanyards and ribbons done for name badges; t-shirts arriving no later than Friday.
      Fifth room at Knight Center (capacity 75, Room 340) made available for Thursday sessions.  Molly and Richard will do room allocations after the Wednesday morning plenary wrap-up where we will do a straw poll for numbers.
      WashU Google Sheet is the 'source of truth' for room allocations etc.
  3. Program update
    1. Todd Crocken - withdrawn
    2. Nabeela Jaffer - withdrawn original talk, looking for an alternative topic 
    3. Update Sched.com and Thursday program schedule to include time blocks for unconference (tick)
    4. Room captains?
      Working on getting more

  4. Sessionizer
    1. Are we using it for sessions as well as unconference?
    2. Is there unconference late Thursday? If so, we need to close it Wednesday pm?
      Yes, but closing it at lunchtime as usual will be adequate time.
    3. Spelling!

  5. Satisfaction survey
    1. Last year's here
    2. What do we want to add about keynote and closing plenary
    3. Emailed to registrants the Monday following Connect

  6. Any other business

  7. See you in St Louis!