28 August 2019


Note TakerRichard Green


  1. Changes to the agenda?

  2. Local Host Updates
    • Registration  49 as of this morning! There are something like 50 presenters as yet unregistered.
    • T-shirt  waiting for design and then will price out more. Planning to visit vendor after Sept. 2.
    • Sponsorship  
      • EBSCO, check deposited. Need bag/folder decision from EBSCO and will contact them about their 3 registrations. Richard will contact them about the bag/folders next week if they haven't responded.
      • DCE invoice emailed (bronze)
      • Notch8 invoice emailed (bronze)
      • Ubiquity Press (silver) invoice to be sent after receiving administrative details.
    • Other items? – What do we want recorded for plenary session? We will need to arrange AV.
    • Do not plan on recording any workshops or panels/presentations.
    • Scholarship(s) – Phil will coordinate with scholarship recipient about registration and hotel (4 nights)
    • Rooms are booked until 6pm Wednesday and Thursday.

  3. Plenary Speaker - Heidi Kolk (update) - $500 honorarium
    1. Ideas for topics

  4. Update on status of CFP Presentations and Panels submissions
    1. Review groupings/track ideas - translated into a draft timetable here
      Accept both grouping and timetable (thanks Anna!) subject to review by ALL to check for clashes etc by weekend.  Keep track titles.  Richard will publish the timetable next week and ask speakers to double check.
      Thursday sessions (and workshops) will not be recorded.
    2. What is the structure of each block?  2+2+2?  3+3?

  5. WG/IG Wednesday session (proposed)
    1. Updates
      1. Possible scheduling: 2 PM-3 PM?
    2. Submissions
      Richard will organize.
  6. Lightning talks
    1. CfP 5 September
    2. 5 min talk + 1 minute change over
    3. Any presentation material must be in Google drive prior to the talk to speed the process
      Talks will be in parallel with the poster reception 3-5pm.

  7. Poster Session
    1. Submissions
      Posters will not be put up until the WG/IG reports have begun at 2pm

  8. Mentor program
    1. Are we planning to run a Mentor program this year?  Yes
      1. 2018 list of mentors here; mentees here
    2. If so, who should we approach to coordinate it?
      ALL: Ideas to Richard asap please.

  9. Open discussion
    1. Workshop signups FYI - 26 so far.  Reminder tomorrow.

    2. Plenary session
      Add a 5 minute into to Prof Kolk; remove Contribution Model slot.  Group photo at the end of the morning session.

  10. Next Steps

  11. Future Meetings: 
    1. September, 4 (absent: Brian, Mollie) 
    2. September, 11 (absent: Margaret)
    3. September, 18 (absent Richard)
    4. October, 2  (absent Richard)
    5. October, 16