Samvera Connect 2018

University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT,  Tuesday 9th October - Friday 12th October

Samvera Connect Google Drive Share - This is where you'll find posters and presentation slides - they're also linked from the program pages below.

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Conference program

Tuesday 10/9 - Workshops
Wednesday 10/10 - Conference Day 1:  Plenary, group photo, & poster session.
Thursday 10/11 - Conference Day 2:  Parallel tracks
Friday 10/12 - Conference Day 3:  Unconference sessions (signup to present or attend)
Wednesday - Friday breakout / WG / IG signups: SC 18 - Working and Interest Group Meeting Signup

What is Samvera Connect?

Samvera Connect (hashtag #samvera2018) is a chance for Samvera community to gather in one place at one time, with an emphasis on synchronizing efforts, technical development, plans, and community links. The meeting program is aimed at existing users, managers and developers and at new folks who may be just "kicking the tires" on Samvera and who want to know more. Samvera advertises this yearly conference with the slogan "as a Samvera Partner or user, if you can only make it to one Samvera meeting this academic year,  this is the one to attend! "

¿Qué es Samvera Connect?

Samvera Connect (#samvera2018 en Twitter) es una oportunidad para todos aquellos que participan en el Proyecto Samvera de reunirse y sincronizar nuestros planes de desarrollo y trabajo técnico, asi como establecer enlaces con el resto de la comunidad.

La agenda durante esta reunión incluye temas de interés tanto para instituciones que ya usan Samvera y están familiarizados con la tecnología, como para aquellos que apenas lo están evaluando y desean conocer más acerca del proyecto, la gente que lo usa, y los programadores involucrados en su desarrollo. Samvera patrocina esta conferencia anual con el eslogan "no importa si eres un usuario nuevo o alguien que ya contribuye al Proyecto Samvera , si so solo vas atender una conferencia este año   ¡Samvera Connect es la que debes atender!  "

Participation Guide for Samvera Connect 2018

We want Samvera Connect to be a fun, informative, engaging event for all our participants. To help make this happen, we have:

    1. Planned lots of great content and provided plenty of room for community engagement - watch as the fantastic schedule develops between now and the end of September!

    2. Assembled a Participation Guide for Samvera Connect 2018 which includes details on the Code of Conduct and the Anti-Harassment Policy adopted by the Samvera community. Check it out!

If you have any questions or concerns at the event, please feel free to reach out to any of the planning team members or community helpers. They should should be easy to find and will all have an identifier on their name-badges.