2 October 2019

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Note Taker: Adam J. Arling  - notes in (italics)

Program details on wiki here


  1. Changes to the agenda? 

  2. Local Host Updates Emily Stenberg Mollie Webb
    1. Registration - 136 total as of 10/2/19; did have 1 cancellation
    2. T-shirt -ordering October 1 or 2
    3. Sponsorship - Ordering EBSCO bag this week or next. Awaiting checks from Ubiquity, Notch8. Getting logos, etc – Mollie Webb   (EBSCO doesn't need a table)
    4. Rooms - Olin room for Developer Congress is not a computer lab. Will confirm space ASAP.
      When to assign workshops to rooms? When to assign panels/presentations to rooms?
      Meeting with Knight Center October 3.
    5. Volunteers - have local volunteers. Will share sign-up to Connect page for attendees.  (Volunteer sign up page will be ready by next week, not tomorrow)
    6. Other items? 
    7. Speaker permission(s) form in Drive at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HYqHLuH--k5YMKH8sxOblF6iv0VnpcEnl88x00BDTvo/edit (Print and make available for Wednesday morning speakers to sign)
      (Last year, most attendees registered Tuesday morning.  Pad the workshop counts, if people register for a workshop at registration?)

  3. Closing plenary session Jessica Hilt
    1. What will this consist of? 
      1. retrospective, sharing and processing an event (liked, learned, lacked, longed for) - Jessica Hilt can facilitate
        1. Discussion
      2. Samvera Connect 2020 - Chrissy will present.

( Confirmed the 4 "L"s as structure of generating content. 
Organize into groups of 4-5 (small groups)?  How do people group up, self-organize, or random?   Probably self organize?
Everyone writes down ideas, then the group breaks up post-it notes into similar groupings.  
Participants have a full stack of note cards each.
Color coded for the 4 "L"s?
Give an introduction to clarify what the 4 "L"s mean and how they'll be used.
Address feedback from last year's conference, give newcomers an opportunity to ask questions?   "What is anyone 'lost' about"?
Needs:  Note takers?  People to help hand out items?  )

  1. Unconference Scheduling Discussion 
    1. Starting Thursday afternoon?
      (Offering a one hour block Thursday would be helpful.  Working / Interest groups here?  How about 1-2 slots Thursday afternoon for Working / Interest Groups?  4pm slot start (after sessions).  If people need a Working / Interest group slot, it goes in Sessionizer.  )
    2. Extend time Friday AM, push back closing plenary?. Olin 142 (Plenary room) is reserved until 2 pm on Friday.
      (Friday session proposed start at 9am - room will open at 8am.  Assuming people will start filtering out after 12 noon on Friday to catch flights.  Unconference - keep all blocks same amount of time.  3 unconference sessions were scheduled last year.  Slot times are ~ 50 minutes, or have been in the past.  )
      How are unconference topics proposed?  Via software...so people know in advance.
      All unconference requests should be submitted by end of lunch (1:45pm) on Thursday. 

      (Everything goes into a bucket, and Sessionizer does the priorities based on signups)

  2. WG/IG Wednesday session
    1. Status check - 4 submissions

  3. Workshop registrations
    1. Status check - 62 submissions

  4. Lightning talks
    1. Status check - 6 submissions

  5. Poster Session
    1. Status check - 3 submissions

      ( Will emphasize this in future emailings.  Free printing ends in 2 weeks. )

  6. Sessionizer Aaron Collier
    1. Status check
      1. Thoughts on making sessionizer available 1 week before conference? We have received some emails regarding scheduling WG/IG meetings
  7. Mentor program
    1. Status check

  8. Program Slides and Notes
    1. Encourage all participants to store their presentation/workshop slides/documents in the SC19 Google Drive share
    2. Workshop/presentation notes for each event

      (Set up Google doc for note taking in each session?   Helpful for future / historical reference.  If someone is willing to set up the Google docs, sounds like interest and benefit to it.)
  9. Open discussion

  10. Future Meetings: 
    1. October, 16 (absent Karen)

      (Meet next week to go over room assignments?  Or at least get some feedback on proposed room assignments by October 14th?)