Hyrax 2.1.0 - QA and Release



Hyrax 2.1.0 is in the release process.  It will include Collection Extensions work, new Viewer for works, UI/UX upgrades, and other changes.  Master holds the current code targeted for the Hyrax 2.1.0 release. If you are able to help with QA Testing and/or Bug Fixes, please sign up below.

The planned release process is as follows.

  1. Create a PR for merging collections-sprint feature branch into master.
    1. Review process for the PR - self-assign yourself if you would like to be part of the formal review process for the PR.   Please assign yourself by end of business Tuesday, February 6.   See notes below.
    2. On Thursday, I will check in with any reviewers who have not completed their process.
    3. Merge the PR into master.
  2. A quick QA process will run through QA tests on a single platform to quickly identify any initial issues
  3. Set Hyrax version to 2.1.beta1
  4. Full QA testing
  5. Move through release candidate process with bug fixes and repeat testing

Notes on PR review process:

  • The collections-sprint branch followed the same PR merge process that is used when committing to the master branch.  All PRs were reviewed before being committed to collections-sprint.  
  • The code will be part of a full QA process once merged into master.
  • The review process for the PR merge into master is not seen as a process to review every line of code that changed.  It is more of a high level scan to see if anything jumps out as a concern.  If you have areas of experience and expertise in the code, you might want to look through that area.  For example, if you are very comfortable with search builders, then you may want to take a quick look through the search builders.
  • We are not seeking out a large scale review since the code has been reviewed as it was merged into collections-sprint, but do want to give the community the opportunity to review at the level that meets the needs of your institution.


QA Testing

Do you have time available to help with QA Testing? Please join the #nurax channel for coordination. 

Facilitator: jrudder (UNC) 

  1. Harsh Parekh(Notre Dame)
  2. Max Hallwachs (Notre Dame)
  3. Hannah Frost (Stanford)
  4. Nabeela Jaffer (University of Michigan)
  5. Glen Horton (Cincinnati)
  6. Gabriela Montoya (UC San Diego)
  7. saidulla (Indiana University)
  8. Kevin Musiorski (AIC)
  9. Brian McBride (University of Utah)
  10. Moira Downey (Duke)
  11. Ayse Durmaz (Duke)
  12. Heather Greer Klein (DuraSpace)

Bug Fixes

Facilitator: Lynette Rayle (Cornell)

  1. Justin Gondron (Notre Dame)
  2. LaRita Robinson (Notre Dame)
  3. Jennifer Lindner (DCE)
  4. tamsin johnson (DCE)
  5. Chris Colvard (Deactivated) (Indiana University)
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