Completed Deliverables Phase 1

  • Sprints 1 & 2 [8/19-9/13, 2013][Complete]
    • Support modular work types (“Curation Concerns”)
    • Exemplar types: Article, Dataset, Image, ETD
    • Personal Profiles that show works and related works for a faculty member
    • Linking of any work
    • Deposit of Work Types including:
      • Articles, Datasets
  • Sprint 3 [9/23-10/4, 2013] [Complete]
    • DOIs and PURLs for any work
    • Personal Profile Polish
    • Deposit of Work Types including:
      • Images, ETDs
    • Support for basic search of works, collections, people, and projects
    • Collection Access Permissions
  • Sprint 4 [10/7-10/18, 2013] [Complete] Delegate deposit accounts Get the sandbox environment up and running Improve work creation process Homepage refactoring "text document" work type DOI minting (and applying) Collection and profile viewing & editing
    • Thumbnails for files or records in list views

More on closed and implemented feature details can be found here: