2021-06-10 Samvera Community Safety Working Group

Samvera Helpers Meet-up

Thursday, June 10, 2021

11:30 am  |  Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-05:00)  |  1 hr 

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Password: 568290


  • @Hannah Frost

  • @Heather Greer Klein

  • @Kevin Kochanski

  • @Jessica Hilt

  • @Jon Cameron

  • @Brian McBride

  • @Rosalyn Metz

  • @Chris Awre

  • @Simeon Warner

  • @bess

Action items from April/May

@Rosalyn Metz sample community guidelines - now linked in April meeting notes
Annalee to provide finished draft; WG to review and approve, clean up any Samvera style issues
Hannah and Alicia to finalize the Volunteer doc


Today’s Agenda Outline and Notes

  • Review Action Items from last meeting (above)

    • Updated Samvera Volunteer Structure

      • Role of helpers seems clear and not significantly different than previously defined

      • Helper role are aware of how to take a report and hand off to incident response team

      • Incident response: can include subset of helpers but not necessarily; separate body of volunteer members (thinking 5-10 people)

      • We should be able to handle two incidents at a time

      • Names and term dates are recorded on the Samvera wiki

      • Member of the response team becomes the point person—the incident responder

      • Incident team size can vary depending on cirumstances

      • Member names for incident team need not be private nor publicized

    • Annalee will have next draft of Code of Conduct Response Outline to us by June 14

  • Next steps for CoC

  • Accessibility for Inclusivity - DEFERRED THIS TOPIC

    • Does Samvera need an accessibility policy?

  • Fake social media accounts being created with hostile content; something to watch out for

    • Important for people to feel safe in our community

    • Guidelines for Slack onboarding process - these could be publicized

    • http://www.crashoverridenetwork.com/

    • Don’t want to scare people off in our messaging for an open mic-style meeting

      • What do we want to pursue for this?

Action Items

Remove duplicate language in the document (sanctions etc.)
@Heather Greer Klein will create a response team space
Assemble the response team – need this place by ~early September
Go to the board and request standing budget for incident response training
Do we need a charter and/or outline of expectations? (especially in light of funding and resourcing requests)
Communicate out about resources and support for members of community who are experiencing online abuse from non-Samvera people
Reschedule discussion on accessibility policy