2021-03-01 Samvera Helpers Meet-up

Samvera Helpers Meet-up

Monday, March 1, 2021

12:00 pm  |  Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-05:00)  |  1 hr 

Join by phone

Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll): +18333021536,,393158590# or +16507249799,,393158590#

Or Telephone:
Dial: +1 650 724 9799 (US, Canada, Caribbean Toll) or +1 833 302 1536 (US, Canada, Caribbean Toll Free)

Meeting ID: 393 158 590
Password: 568290


  • @Hannah Frost

  • @Jessica Hilt

  • @Simeon Warner

  • @Brian McBride

  • @Rosalyn Metz

  • @Kevin Kochanski

  • Chris Awre

  • Jon Cameron

  • Jeremey Friesen

  • Michael Klein

  • Alicia Morris

  • Heather Greer Klein

Discussion topics

  • Notetaker?

  • Agenda review

  • Code of Conduct review - update on work with consultant Annalee Flower Horne - Simeon

  • Opportunities for the Samvera Helpers (AKA business we should tend to)

    • How do we onboard new Helpers? See draft for vetting process as example for feedback

    • What’s actually involved in being a Helper?

      • What duties are separate from CoC issues and should there be some separate role?

      • Event helpers vs Samvera community helpers? Or should it be a different name? (not the name… bikeshed)

    • Where should we store our files (incident report templates, training resources, etc.)

    • What is the role of the Community Manager with respect to the Helpers?

    • ….

  • Present at Samvera Virtual Connect?

    • Submissions due March 22

    • Esmé had offered to help


Code of Conduct Review:

  • Initial meeting w/ Annalee going over how we have operated to this point, which highlighted a need for more formality

  • We need a process to vet CoC group; is this the same as the helpers?

  • Need a process for reporting performance issues, which is subject to a lot of variety in requirements state by state

  • Reviewing CoC outline, w/ Vetting Helpers as the first example draft

    • Need to update draft w/ comments by Wed 3/3

    • Helpers are welcome to review the Vetting Helpers draft and provide feedback (to Simeon et al)

  • Meeting as needed, no current set schedule

Opportunities for Helpers:

  • What are helpers' responsibilities?

    • Especially in-person, helpers often serve as ambassadors, orienting new folks to the conference (though there are mentors to do this to specific individuals)

    • What is the difference between a vetted level of CoC helper vs. community ambassador (e.g., at a conference)?

    • Helpers: we’re defining this as a CoC-related role; while people can also be ambassadors, it’s explicitly a different role

      • Mandatory Reporter laws are different per state; some may have to drop out depending on their job description, vs. others may have to clear with their employer that they’re wearing a different hat while in the Samvera space

      • “Helpers” vs. “CoC Incident Response Team” - in this terminology, “helper” is more of the ambassador role

      • We need CoC/incident response name vs. Community Helper name:

        • “Responders” vs. “Helpers”

  • What is the process for off-boarding CoC helpers?

    • This can be a high-stress position, should there be a prescribed rotation schedule independent of people needing to leave for other reasons?

      • This may be a future goal to define, this is not as stressful or demanding in the moment as it could be in the future

      • Is there a way to tie this rotation to how active you’ve had to be (ie, how may incidents they’ve had to be part of)

      • Do we need to track incidents regarding the same individual and have a process for rotating Responders in regard to that individual?

        • This last item highlights a need for the CoC process to define issues around repeat “offenders” and dismissal from Samvera Community and how this may pertain to the individual’s job

  • Delicate issues that Annalee and CoC group needs to consider:

    • Documenting multiple violations

    • Handling issues when it may affect an offender’s performance

    • Diversifying Responders when regarding multiple incidents with the same individual

    • Identifying conflict of interest (ie, a responder as offender; a manager as offender)

  • Storing and Documenting

    • Retention:

      • Slack is now a permanent mode

      • Record retention - do we want to responsible for having retained certain documents or communications?

    • Where to store files for templates, training resources, documenting incidents

      • We have a Google Drive, so let’s use this space

      • Have not discussed this in particular with Annalee yet

      • Slack has many admins, which compromises confidentiality. Should Community Manager own this?

        • Makes sense, but we need to make sure theres No Single Owner of anything

Virtual Connect:

  • Who can work on a 20-min presentation proposal with Hannah (Jessica)

Working Group:

  • We’ll charter this as a WG


Action items

CoC committee to consult Annalee on “Responder” role naming (@Heather Greer Klein or @Simeon Warner )
@Hannah Frost and @Jessica Hilt to work on a VC21 presentation proposal and share here for feedback
@Heather Greer Klein will let Annalee know we’re looking at a separate group what will review drafts etc (Helper committee vs. CoC committee)
Charter this WG and formalize it before the next meeting (@Jessica Hilt )


CoC Helpers:

  • Helpers and “ambassadors” are a different role and we need to make that distinction. We will keep “helpers” as event ambassadors and form a new identity around CoC helpers (“Responders,” for example).


  • Hannah and Jessica will work on CoC presentation proposal

Formalizing what THIS GROUP is:

  • We’re a Working Group to define Helper roles, etc.