2021-05-06 Samvera Community Safety Working Group

Samvera Helpers Meet-up

Thursday, May 6, 2021

11:30 am  |  Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-05:00)  |  1 hr 

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  • @Hannah Frost

  • @Kevin Kochanski

  • @Chris Awre

  • @Alicia M. Morris

  • @Michael Klein

  • @Simeon Warner

  • @bess

  • @Rosalyn Metz

  • @Heather Greer Klein

  • Guest: Annalee Flower Horne

Action items from April

@Heather Greer Klein message Annalee and see where we are with the code of conduct
@Rosalyn Metz look for facebook community guidelines
@Hannah Frost to create a new slack channel #safety-wg
@Hannah Frost and @Alicia M. Morris start a draft of deliverable #1 in the charter
@Hannah Frost to schedule a monthly meeting on the first week of the month for between now and October


Today’s Agenda Outline and Notes

  • Notetaker?: Hannah

  • Review Action Items from last meeting (above)

    • Samvera Virtual Connect - thank you Heather and Alicia for presenting the CoC!

  • Review the Samvera Volunteer Structure draft document created by Hannah and Alicia

    • Response Team size - 10 could be a good size, provides enough of a pool to draw on for incident response (esp if there is the potential to have multiple at one time, like at a very large conference). For our community size and the fact that incident occurence has been very low, 5-10 team members seems feasible and appropriate

    • Membership of the general Response Team should not be anonymous: transparency builds trust. However for the Incident Team, there is neither need to announce nor hide the name(s) of the specific responder(s).

    • Important to emphasize that any decisions are made by the whole team, not the responsibility of an individual responder.

  • Review and discuss the Samvera Code of Conduct Response Outline [DRAFT] with Annalee Flower Horne

    • General agreement that this process is going well and the draft is shaping up well.

    • Mandatory reporting - varies widely. Could aadd some guidance but if you are mandatory reporter, best advice is to say to someone reporting something to you: “I am a mandatory reporter, so I cannot keep your report confidential. Do you want to keep talking to me about it?”

      • Once someone has recused themselves, they make no further decisions about the response.

    • Make sure you don’t have any single points of failure. For example, should always have someone available to admin in Slack (kick someone out if needed) if needed. Advice: make all responders/ helpers Slack admins

    • Definitions

      • Event = conference, meeting, etc. NOT a euphemism for “incident”

  • Incidents that happen on communication platforms have longevity, people go back to them. Need to jump on those and make sure the thread stops.

  • Ask new response team members to review their social media history to make sure they stand by what they have said in the past, and that there is nothing that would put them at risk as a response team member. CM will do a cursory review, but it is not their responsibility to do an exhaustive search.

  • Helpers training - need to understand the initial steps for responding. Make the connection to the response team.

    • train during onboarding. review before every event.



Action Items

Annalee to provide finished draft
WG to review and approve, clean up any Samvera style issues
Hannah and Alicia to finalize the Volunteer doc
Michael Klein: live captioning for Samvera online events? Should we have an accessibility policy – topic for our next meeting