2020-09-24 - Samvera Branch Renaming Working Group



  •  Review past action items
  • CCWG planning
  • Samvera Connect planning
  • Next steps

Meeting Materials


  • Hiatus and CCWG documents reviewed, good to go.
  • Samvera Connect presentation – no more than two presenters ideally, makes logistics/life easier day of the virtual conference
    • Kate and Collin can present in October
  • Next steps: plan to reconvene in January 2021.  Kate will reach out to the group on the Slack channel in early December to schedule/gauge availability.  
  • Even if GitHub has not yet rolled out the seamless changeover tools announced for the end of 2020, we should still plan to convene at least once in January to maintain momentum.
  • Kate will attend CCWG meeting tomorrow and present the document to the group.  Collin as a member of CCWG will be in attendance.  They will update this group on the Slack channel afterward.