2021-07-01 Samvera Branch Renaming Working Group



  • Lynette- For CircleCI change- must rename branch first, or that PR will fail.

  • Pretty straightforward

  • Kate added info to Contributing as well as the Readme, changes in same PR

  • Lynette needed to update her GH CLI tool setup for Kate’s script.

  • Chris and Collin have not started work, should get working soon.

  • James is reviewing branch permissions after the update. So far, all good.

  • Good idea to ping people in slack after you create PRs.

  • Leaving hard-coded references to ‘master’ in for the moment, maybe an avenue for future work.

  • Reconvene on the 22nd (cancel next week), attempt to have the samvera-labs claimed at that time.

  • Send an email after the samvera work is done that samvera-labs is up next.

  • Lynette created an issue for the renaming itself, as a place to include extra info for the repo owners.