2021-06-03 Samvera Branch Renaming Working Group



  • Like the idea of doing all of the repos at once/in a short time span together.

  • Lynette and Kate will test two Samvera (non-Labs) repos on Tuesday next week.

  • The group will work on drafting language of communicating change/what developers should do to avoid using outdated branch references.

  • The group will meet Thursday to confirm if anything was overlooked in the change process detailed in the implementation plan.

  • Once the amount of time/effort is established, folks will self-assign repos to change.

  • We probably don’t need the CircleCI test for most of the Samvera Labs repos. Many likely don’t have CircleCI on them at all.

  • We should establish two dates, one for changes to Samvera repos and one for changes to Labs repos, since Samvera is high impact but smaller, and Labs is really big.

  • This is also an opportunity to audit Samvera-Labs for unused repos we can archive or delete.