2021-03-04 - Samvera Branch Renaming Working Group


  • CircleCI tests (Colin)
  • CONTRIBUTING language (Kate)
  • Schedule next meeting (Kate)
  • Think about objectives for a timeline and communication plan (all)


  •  Revisit goals
    • Timeline and communication plan
  • Checks to prevent "master" branch creation
    • CircleCI
    • Stub branch
  • Addition to CONTRIBUTING.md


  • No message back from GitHub since January.  Hopefully they will look into this as it is the cleanest solution.
  • Formulating a timeline and communication plan for changing branch names in Samvera-Labs
  • Can we block the creation of a master branch with CircleCI?  If so, this would be a reasonable solution to move us forward sooner than later.  Otherwise, we will need to figure out another solution or wait for GitHub to take action to block the creation of a master branch.
    • Colin will test CircleCI, hopefully before the next meeting.
  • Editing the CONTRIBUTING.md file?
    • Kate will develop language for this and share in the Slack channel.  Once approved, get it into Samvera repos.
  • The LD4P community renamed all of their default branches recently.  One thing they did not worry about is forks.  On GitHub, contributors get a notification that the default branch of the repo they forked has changed, and are given instructions for how to update theirs.  Whether they do or not however, any PRs they've submitted will be redirected correctly upstream.
  • The biggest hurdle for us to overcome is that someone could still create a "master" branch, and how to handle that.