2020-07-31 - Samvera Branch Renaming Working Group



  • Kate Lynch
  • Chris Colvard
  • Alexandra Dunn
  • Lynette Rayle
  • Jeremy Friesen
  • Collin Brittle


  • Review the Charter
  • Review branch renaming tools in Meeting Materials
  • Determine a regular meeting time
  • (If enough time) Brainstorm on challenging areas

Meeting Materials


Favor tech-list, tech call, and channel for communication.

Charter Discussion

Front-runner for:

  • Tools are defaulting to "main"
  • Surfliner is using "trunk"
  • Princeton is using "main"
  • Emory is transitioning to "main"
  • Main is branching model agnostic.
  • Trunk may have the branching model association.
  • For tab completion "main" is close to "master"
  • Other organizations are not yet in conversation.

Consensus of the team is to propose "main"

Goal is to have a migration strategy document and downstream impact to the Component Maintenance Working Group (Phase 1) for their next meeting (August 28th 2020).


Scope would be "samvera". It would be nice-to-have updates for "samvera-labs", however, we should ensure that our promotion process checks branches.

Encourage upgrading to git v2.28.0, so we can as a community set the defaults and ease people's use.

Branch Renaming Tools

The app to rename github default branch will adjust PRs to point to the new branch.

Regular Meeting Times

Agreed to meet 3pm EDT on Fridays

Brainstorm on Pitfalls

Potential Impacts - Samvera Branch Renaming Working Group