2020-08-18 - Samvera Branch Renaming Working Group


  •  Identifier some gems that would be good candidates for testing branch renaming changes, including destructive branch renaming changes (all)
  • Test branch renaming on the circleci-orb gem (Chris)
  • Make a few more forks of the test repo and test the destructive behavior of github-default-branch (Lynette)
  • Complete testing using Lynette's checklist for Esmé's script (Kate)
  • Document how we solved issues as we encounter them when changing the default branch (all)


  • Kate Lynch
  • Chris Colvard
  • Collin Brittle
  • Lynette Rayle


Meeting Materials

  •  N/A


  • New goal is to have the migration strategy document and downstream impact document by mid-September for asynchronous review by the Component Maintenance Working Group (Phase 1), to be finalized at their September meeting.
  • GitHub's renaming strategy repo recommends waiting until the end of the year, when they plan to release tooling to address many of the needs we have identified. 
    • Is it viable for us to recommend "wait until the end of the year" as strategies for addressing some of these areas?
      • Some, but not all.  Not all areas of impact will likely be addressable with GitHub tooling and will need a more hands-on approach.
      • By the time that most Working Groups can address recommendations, the GitHub tooling will likely be available, so a "wait" recommendation where applicable makes sense.
      • We can also create recommendations based on the tools we are assessing now, for product owners who are eager to make this change, and in the event that GitHub tooling takes longer to come out than they currently estimate.
  • This group can also recommend different Samvera gems to carry forward with this work first, aiming for lower-impact gems with fewer PRs and less tooling around them (for example, questioning_authority over hyrax, at least up front).