Spring 2021 Partner Meeting

Monday 12th April, online  11:00am - 2:00pm EDT

Connection information:


Collaborative notes document (for now notes are at the bottom of this document; Google Suite was being difficult)


  • @Carolyn Caizzi (Northwestern)

  • @Rosalyn Metz (Emory)

  • @Alicia M. Morris (Tufts)

  • @Rob Kaufman (Notch8)

  • @Kevin Kochanski (Notch8)

  • @Brian McBride (University of Utah)

  • @Stuart Kenny (Digital Repository of Ireland)

  • @Karen Cariani (WGBH)

  • @Jeremy Friesen (Notre Dame)

  • @Esmé Cowles (Princeton)

  • @Chris Awre (Hull)

  • @John Weise (University of Michigan)

  • @Nabeela Jaffer (University of Michigan)

  • @Jim Halliday (Indiana University)

  • @Benjamin Armintor (Columbia University)

  • @Maria Whitaker (Indiana University)

  • @Robin Lindley Ruggaber (University of Virginia)

  • @Hannah Frost (Stanford)

  • @Jon Dunn (Indiana University)

  • @Adam J. Arling (Northwestern)

  • @Nora Zimmerman (Lafayette College)

  • @Harriett Green (Washington University in St. Louis)

  • @jen young (Northwestern)

  • @Glen Horton (University of Cincinnati)

  • @Simeon Warner (Cornell)

  • @Brian Hole (Ubiquity)

  • @Abigail Bordeaux (Washington University in St. Louis)

  • @Tim Marconi (UC San Diego)

  • @Jessica Hilt (UC San Diego)

  • @Charlotte Nunes

  • @Chrissy Rissmeyer (she/her) (UC Santa Barbara)

  • @tamsin johnson (UC Santa Barbara)




12th April


12th April

11:00 am  EDT

Housekeeping; Fiscal Sponsor change process and next steps

Heather Greer Klein


OASIS presentation

Carol Geyer, Chief Development Officer, OASIS Open


Samvera Virtual Connect update

David Schober


May Developer Congress update

Organizing Committee


 Updates from Steering

Rosalyn Metz


Hyrax Interest Group and Maintenance Working Group updates

Julie Hardesty

12:00 pm

Demo: “Meadow” cloud based digital collections and asset management repository

David Schober & Michael Klein, Northwestern University




Marketing Working Group presentations/discussion questions

  • Use of the Samvera Repo (Nabeela Jaffer/Alicia Morris)

  • Communications logic model; peer recognition option (Heather Greer Klein)

  • Use of social media by repositories (Chris Awre)

  • StoryMap.js Samvera Repository tour (Charlotte Nunes)

Heather Greer Klein, Chris Awre, Nabeela Jaffer, Alicia Morris, Charlotte Nunes


Ongoing and submitted grant updates

Rosalyn Metz/Jon Dunn, Gretchen Gueguen


UX Interest Group - Design Principles

Carla Arton, Adam Arling


Hyrax-Valkyrie Development update

tamsin johnson


Roadmaps Alignment Group update

Jen Young


Parking lot and wrap-up

Heather Greer Klein

Meeting Notes

  • Housekeeping and Fiscal Sponsor Changes

    • working through next steps for the fiscal sponsor changes.

    • Invoices going out week of April 19. Partners may request a different timeline.

  • OASIS (https://www.oasis-open.org/) Presentation

    • Overview. Provides governance structure for members. Mindful of creating legal safeharbour for standards/tech. Involved in open standards and open source.

    • International organization, connections to international standards bodies (e.g SAML, ODF, etc)

    • Samvera will maintain independence like these organizations do.

    • Technical Committees or Open Projects - much of their work has been happening in this area.

    • Works with ANSI to bring in experts to work on standards. ISO Standards currently working on – Privacy Standards, Sharing Economy

    • Foundation-as-a-Service. OASIS provides the back end (legal, bills, taxes, and other administrative functions) that allows independent groups to manage their organization

    • Transfer assets to 501(c)(6) under OASIS nonprofit umbrella.

    • Samvera continues to have its own governance structure and rules for operating as a community.

    • Many supplemental services available (for fee) in addition to core services.

    • We’re in the set up your organization part of the process. Next step is launch (approximate summer timeline).

    • Questions

      • Who else uses the FaaS program - Open Mobility foundation (https://www.openmobilityfoundation.org/). Most folks they spoke to about this end up becoming an open project because they want to become a standard.

      • Do agreements need to be updated? - no but we may look at changing them moving forward for new folks who sign.

  • Samvera Virtual Connect Update

    • next week 4/20-4/21, 11-2 EST, 70 participants registered, 20 presentations

    • please register

  • May Developer Congress

    • May 3rd - 6th; a week between it and virtual connect

    • virtual event, 4 days.

    • good number of topics. folks who would like to write code or documentation are needed! remember to submit your ccla and icla. encourage staff to take part.

    • How will outcomes be shared? Possibly May partner call and lists.

  • Updates from Steering

    • Fundraising letters, coming from Oasis.

    • This is last year before required fees.

    • Searching for new Hyrax technical lead. tamsin johnson stepping down in September. Interested, or know someone who might be, please let us know.

    • Call for Board (formerly Steering) nominations coming in May. Those first elected are reaching end of 3 year terms.

    • Switch to “board” from “steering” (as part of bylaws change driven by move to Oasis) is appropriate. Steering has never steered.

    • Bylaws change also requires treasurer role. Envisioned as two years in length. Treasurer will be someone on the board. Finance subcommittee will have chair and chair elect.

  • Hyrax Interest Group and Maintenance Working Group updates

    • Maintenance Working Group Updates

      • supports core maintenance and development of hyrax; shout out to the members of that group.

      • working through sprint cycles to clear blockers and accessibility-blockers; 3.x milestone – 6 open bugs; 6 open priorities

      • 3 more sprints. 60 open bug issues, 20 open accessibility concerns, 9 open issues for documentation

      • IMLS Grant application – New Heights for Hyrax

      • Roadmaps Alignment – code reclamation project to find code that could be contributed back to the main branch

      • 110 open enhancement issues

    • Hyrax Interest Group

      • core leadership, oversees hyrax roadmap, facilitate by product owner

      • roadmap definition, prioritizing future work. trying to bring back the defunct roadmap page on the wiki.

      • asking questions, answering questions, gather interest in working group participation. trying to make it more engaging and figuring out how to make it useful for the community.

  • Demo: “Meadow”


  • Marketing Working Group presentations/discussion questions

    • Use of the Samvera Repo.

      • A vanilla installation of Hyku hosted by Notch8. There is no self deposit feature.

      • 23 collections in the repo, mostly the presentations and recordings from Samvera Connect

      • Poll #1 Have you used the samvera repo: never used - 44%; used a few times 52%; used a lot - 4%

      • Poll #2 How will you use:

    • Communications logic model; peer recognition option

      • below was adapted for use by a community manager in the apache project

      • Should be one long term goal. intermediate goals are things you can see happening at all levels of the organization.

      • Recommendation to the community. How do we support maintainers? An easy way to recognize the work. Create an #appreciation channel (or similar); one channels where everyone can go to participate. It also allows us to see who is doing what in the community. Other names: #gratitude, #kudos, #shoutout

    • Use of social media by repositories

      • Do you use social media to promote your repository? If so, which channels/platforms do you use? Which audiences are you looking to reach?

      • How could Samvera help to promote your social media messaging? Would you be interested in making use of Samvera’s social media channels? If so, what would be useful?

      • Seems to be that most folks have their social media accounts managed by library communications and sometimes collections are pushed out there.

    • StoryMap.js Samvera Repository tour

      • submit repository links here.

      • example of a repository within storymap.js

      • working on updating this. when its in a more stable state it will be shared out more broadly.

  • Ongoing and submitted grant updates

    • New Heights for Hyrax update

      • Wiki page on the grant

      • Goals: infuse resources into Hyrax developments; build on the structure of the hyrax maintenance group.

      • Not trying to take over the current structures for Hyrax, but will instead build on top of them.

      • Bringing in a broader set of voices to inform the development roadmap.

      • Look for a public version of the proposal that will eventually be posted to the wiki page.

    • Hyku for Consortia update

      • PALCI and PALNI - the PALs working together

      • Collaborating to address barriers and shared challenges

      • Multiphased project

      • They currently are in Phase 2 and have an IMLS to address this phase of work.

      • Deliverables: collaborative workflow support, 3 theme templates, ETD and OER worktypes, bulk upload, sharing with the larger community, beginning of an operational model.

      • But they are still running into issues for some of their implementations. They submitted a second grant for this.

      • 2021-2023 IMLS Proposal includes: user research, development, developing and refining operational model.

      • Adding two new consortiums to the mix: Viva and Louis.

    • Advancing Hyku

      • Arcadia funded - Ubiquity, UVA, British Library.

      • Working on code reconciliation to align with Hyku’s main branch.

      • Working on metrics, bring publisher level metrics into the repository, also views and downloads, hoping to also add altmetrics.

      • Syncing with orcid, allowing users to automatically sync uploads to their orcid profile.

      • Auto-population methods, an alternative to symplectic elements. Partnering with UnpayWall so that we can autoupload content to hyku.

      • Improvements to the universal viewer for different file types.

      • 1 year to go on the project, more detailed presentation at Connect.

  • UX Interest Group - Design Principles

  • Hyrax-Valkyrie Development update (@tamsin johnson 's slides here)

    • History of Hyrax and ActiveFedora development

    • Wings == a Valkyrie adaptor that uses ActiveFedora

    • Wings allows you to port your Hyrax app to Valkyrie. Many Hyrax functions work regardless of backend.

  • Roadmaps Alignment Group update (Link to @jen young 's slides here)

    • Roadmaps Alignment Document so that we can find code that can be pulled back into core and also find groups that might be able to assist with development.

    • Facilitation rotates every six months around samvera connect.

    • Codify the product owner selection/nomination process.


Parking Lot