Topic List - Developer Congress May 3-6 2021

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Topic suggestions for work during the May 2021 Developer Congress.  Please follow checklist below for submitting your proposed topic.  If your topic has related github issues they can be added to the Developer Congress Project Issue Board. --issue board coming soon

Topic Proposal Checklist

  • Short Title
  • Description
  • Link to Issues, Branches, Documentation, etc.
  • Duration, estimate how long the session will last (For example: 3hrs, (2) 8hr days, etc.)
  • Proposed By (Samvera Slack Channel Handle)
  • Facilitator (Samvera Slack Channel Handle) 


Title: Update ActiveFedora to work on Fedora 5.
Description: We have a branch sitting around that almost gets ActiveFedora working with Fedora 5, we could work together to get this passing.
Duration:  6 hrs
Proposed By:   name here
Facilitator: Seeking a facilitator.

NOTE: Put this information in the Proposed Topics table below.

Proposed Topics

You can...

  • add a topic to the table of proposed topics below (See Topic Proposal Checklist and example above for guidance on proposing a topic.)
  • identify yourself as a facilitator for a topic you propose or a topic proposed by others (See Facilitator Guide below.)
  • indicate your interest in one or more topics

TitleDescriptionLinksTime EstimateProposed ByFacilitatorInterested in
Hyrax Valkyrization

Continue work on moving Hyrax to the point where it can be used with Valkyrie adapters. 

Monday 9am Pacific/noon Eastern - Tuesday 9am Pacific/noon Eastern, with more time as daily check-ins indicate TimeLynette RayleLynette Rayle
Nested Indexing only when necessary

Nested indexing has a high performance cost.  Explore how to determine if changes have occurred in an object that require nested indexing and only do that indexing if needed.

Discussion topic for upcoming Samvera Topical Tech Call (May 26 and 27)

1 hour discussionLynette Rayle

Kubernetes Crash Course

Want to deploy a production Samvera Hyrax stack with one command? This is a group session to get bootstrapped with a Kubernetes cluster and a full Hyrax stack. We can work together to iron out any issues folks run into along the way

Wednesday 9am Pacific/noon Eastern

2.5 hourstamsin johnsontamsin johnsonJane Sandberg
Data Seeds for Dev

Create data seeds for development environment (Docker builds), the goal is to run the scripts (perhaps parameterized) to generate a default set of data objects.

Prepare plan on Tuesday (morning Pacific/afternoon Eastern)

Planning spreadsheet
Juliet HardestyJeremy Friesen
Fedora 6 Valkyrie adaptorFedora 6 is in need of beta testing and could also use a Valkyrie adaptor so it can connect to Hyrax.
Juliet Hardesty

Remove ActionDispatch::MiddlewareStackLearn about and improve the actor stack in Hyrax by rewiring some of its internal functionality!
Juliet Hardesty

Deal with deprecation warnings

Fix or suppress very frequent deprecation warnings in Hydra-Access-Controls and ActiveFedora.

Thursday 9am Eastern - check Slack for zoom info hoursChris Colvard (Deactivated)Chris Colvard (Deactivated)
Hyrax ACL & Authorization Group WhiteboardingDiscussion topic for upcoming Samvera Topical Tech Call (May 26 and 27) hour discussiontamsin johnson & Jeremy Friesen

Ruby 3.0 and Rails 6 support in core components

Work on adding support for ruby 3.0 and rails 6 to core components.

Creating issue for Hyrax Maintenance WG to review and create issues for relevant core components.

Chris Colvard (Deactivated)

Facilitator Guide

  • Propose or claim a topic in the Proposed Topics table above
  • You will be asked to introduce your topic with a brief summary (minute or less) during the kick off meeting

Contributor Resources

Goal of this checklist is to enable leaders of specific issues to be able to collect resources for those interested in contributing; aiming to provide a shared knowledge base before beginning the work together.  While optional, if you're facilitating a topic we recommend you provide these resources to attendees ahead of time:

  • Prepare zoom link or slack room link that will be used for contributors to gather
  • Prepare short list of languages the work will be coded in
  • Prepare list of any tutorials a contributor can complete to familiarize themselves with the work ahead
  • If similar work has occurred in other repositories please include links to those repositories as well