Developer Congress - October 26, 2023


A Samvera Developer Congress is an un-conference style event in which developers and other technologists come together to work on Community code and documentation projects. Technologists at all levels are welcome to participate, and a Developer Congress is a great way to learn from experienced Samverans.

In this wiki, you will find information on dates and meeting times, a place to propose topics and see what others are proposing, and support information on successfully using remote technologies for collaboration. If you have any questions not answered here, feel free to contact anyone in the Planning Group directly or ask your question in the developer-congress Slack channel.

To help us plan, please indicate your intention to attend by signing up in the list to the right.

We look forward to seeing you and working together to move our community development forward.  

Dates and Daily Meetings


In-Person Oct 26, 2023 following Samvera Connect 2023

  We will meet as a full group for a kick-off, check-in, and wrap-up.

The remainder of the time will be self-organized by selecting a Topic of interest and connecting with the Topic Facilitator.


  • Held onboarding session and updated docker/container documentation @Daniel Pierce @Juliet Hardesty

  • Moved knowledge base pages to Samvera wiki @Juliet Hardesty @Johannes Frenzel

  • Initial work on vips support in riiif @Daniel Pierce

  • Promoted bulkrax to samvera github org @Brandon Straley @Adam Ploshay

  • Worked on enabling pairtree id configuration in Fedora 6 @Dan Field @Chris Colvard

  • Generator meta tag PR @Paul Walk

  • Hyrax Valkyrization PRs: 6392 6393 6394 6395 @tamsin johnson Ryan Orlando

  • Testing of Hyrax 5 rc2 via app upgrades

  • Avalon Wings testing @Chris Colvard


To propose a topic or express interest in a topic, go to the Topic List Page.  There you will find...

  • a recommended checklist for information to include in the proposal

  • an example

  • the table of proposed topics

On that page you can...

  • add a topic to the table of topics

  • identify yourself as a facilitator for your topic or a topic proposed by others

  • indicate your interest in one or more topics


Communication will primarily be through:

See Communication section on the Developer Congress Co-development Technologies page for additional information.

Signup to Participate

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  1. @Daniel Pierce - facilitator

  2. @Juliet Hardesty

  3. @Chris Colvard

  4. @Johannes Frenzel

  5. @Bradley Watson

Need access to the Samvera wiki?  Email

You can also propose topics and add your name to the Interested in column of the Proposed Topics on the Topic List page.