Component Maintenance Working Group (Phase 2)

For the current phase of this working group: Component Maintenance Working Group (Phase 4)

Scope & Objectives

The second phase of this working group will be devoted to the ongoing maintenance of identified core components in the community, via planned sprints and communication with product owners. Working group members will plan and participate in these sprints, as well as communicate that planning and welcome contributions from the larger community. The core components supported for this phase are identified within the following:  It should further be noted that our efforts shall be coordinated with the appropriate Samvera governance bodies.

Deliverables & Timeframe


  1. Deprecate relevant projects in the samvera GitHub organization to samvera-deprecated

  2. Ensure the projects in the Samvera GitHub organization meet the standards to be there as defined at

  3. Promote relevant projects from samvera-labs to the Samvera github organization if they meet the requirements (or make them meet the requirements if they should)

  4. Respond to any security alerts

  5. Review successes and failures of the group and re-charter if appropriate.

Timeframe: 2018 Samvera Partner’s Meeting (LDCX) until Samvera Connect 2018.

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

Weekly Meeting (time at group’s discretion) using a pre-announced agenda on the Samvera Community Wiki.  The facilitators identified for this Phase shall serve to maintain the agenda and coordinate the development sprints during these meetings. The first meeting will be scheduled some time soon after April 27th.


Meeting Notes