Sufia Documentation for Managers Working Group (SDMWG - "sdimwig")


Scope & Objectives

The Sufia Documentation for Managers Working Group (SDMWG) will work together to improve the high-level, conceptual documentation of Sufia. SDMWG will:

  1. Define our audience for levels of documentation

  2. Review existing documentation to identify gaps in coverage

  3. Prioritize gaps we want to address within the time scoped

  4. Draft documentation to fill the prioritized gaps

  5. Recommend a process by which to keep the documentation publicly available and updated

  6. Share the documentation and the recommendation with the community for broad review and discussion

Deliverables & Timeframe

The publicly accessible deliverables for the SDMWG will be:

  1. A list of gaps in Sufia’s conceptual documentation

  2. A list of which identified gaps will be documented at this time

  3. New conceptual Sufia documentation

  4. A recommendation for keeping Sufia documentation up to date

The SDMWG will begin its work immediately following Hydra Connect 2015 and will wrap up at the end of January 2016.

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

The SDMWG will use the hydra-community and hydra-tech mailing lists, using “[sdmwg]” as a subject prefix. The group will meet (TBD based on members’ availability) every Tuesday on a Google Hangout.

Time: 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific

Call: Google Hangout: (contact Steve Van Tuyl for help w/ this -



Note that to be a member of a Working Group, you must have have a CLA in place if you are committing code (not anticipated for SDMWG) and you must consent to release documentation under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

  • Mahria Lebow (University of Washington)

  • Mike Giarlo (Stanford)

  • Steve Van Tuyl (Oregon State; facilitator)

  • Patricia Hswe (Penn State)

  • Mark Bussey (DCE)

  • Jen Green (University of Michigan)

  • Hannah Frost (Stanford)