2021-07-06 Meeting notes


Meetings are held every other Tuesday at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET / 4:00 PM CET.


  • @Heather Greer Klein

  • @Lynette Rayle

  • @Kevin Kochanski

  • @Juliet Hardesty


  • Checking in on current initiatives

  • Challenges doc

  • Larger Proposals beginning to take shape

    • Maintenance recruiting approach for 2022

      • Maintenance hours “pledge drive” for Jan-Apr, May-Aug, Sept-Dec

      • Set goals for hours

      • Options for WGs as well as more flexible options? (i.e. if someone is allowed a day each week and they can work on documentation, updating training, etc)

    • Training

      • getting Repo Camp going again

  • Next steps


Dev Congress:

  • A few names have been added here

  • Will promote a little more this week

  • Julie expects Hyrax Maintenance WG members should participate even if they’re not on this list

Office Hours:

  • Tamsin and Julie so far; will likely cancel July 7

  • Heather will continue to promote

  • Will reach out to Technology group an try to get a few more sign-ups

  • Bess Sadler may help out, and has some ideas for training

Challenges Doc:

  • New suggestions include having training managed by the Community, vs. ad hoc stepping up

  • Schedule specific blocks for maintenance work

  • Potentially separating out random tickets like bug fixes from “maintenance”

  • Julie is working with the WG to identify small “starter” issues to work with people who have limited time; potentially include time estimates on tickets; There are existing labels in github to identify rough estimate of effort (i.e. Effort: Minor, Effort: Moderate, Effort: Significant)

    • Consensus is that there’s a lot of maintenance work which isn’t difficult, but is time consuming; estimating the tickets first may be helpful

    • Julie will test current work and see if the estimating winds up being useful or off-the-mark

  • Julie is currently working on the Tech Lead job description

    • Important to focus here on organizing and cultivating action in the community vs. being an expert in everything

How to move initiatives forward?

  • Tech Call - is there space on this agenda to discuss HMWG work?

  • Board and Partners

  • Maintenance recruiting could be soon with Partners

    • Heather thought that with the plan to introduce the idea of getting more individuals committed to Roadmap Group could be a part of this. The plan is to introduce a participation model this month and do a drive to recruit the resources in August.

    • The shape of the work that comes out of that will depend on the time and the skills of the team that materializes

    • Pledged time from this could be Maintenance Group, Core Components, Documentation, etc.

    • Training plans could fold into time pledges; for newer folks starting with community training initiatives could be attractive and could prep the to then commit hours to other work

    • Partners: Idea of balancing financial contribution with pledged dev hours

      • That is problematic because the need for dev maintenance and financial solvency are not related - both for Samvera and for the Partners (giving time and giving money are managed by very different entities within an organization)

      • Would also be difficult to manage and track

      • Plan is to re-up communication on the expectation that code contribution and dev time is also expected, though known to be variable

    • Functional Areas - tying specific experts to reviewing work under their area:

      • What are the best ways to identify these and designate some ownership/experts?

      • Utilize the activity and attention around the dev congress to begin organizing this

      • An idea to bring to SC '21

      • We could tie some office hours to specific functional areas

      • Core Maintenance Group already set up a model for identifying owners of different areas

      • We need to keep this simple, if we make ownership of a functional area too heavy on responsibility it will be too much of a burden to get a commitment

Check-in on this group:

  • Been a good place to have these conversations

  • Underlying issue continues to be that individuals aren’t sure what their organization is willing to commit

Action items

  • Observe and report on what comes of the dev congress