Developer Congress planning

Deliverable: “A process and schedule for multiple Development Congresses to be held at regular intervals every year.”

Proposed schedule:







Fall: October/November

In conjunction with Samvera Connect. In person when that conference is in person

Project ideas that would benefit from time in person

Winter: February

virtual congress, 5 days. 11:30 - 3:30 ET

Open call for projects; 5 days gives opportunity for longer projects/moving between projects

Spring: April (probably March for 2020)

ahead of Virtual Connect, virtual congress, 3 days. 11:30 - 3:30 ET

Open call for projects

Summer: July

Virtual, or in person if paired with a boot camp or similar event

Focused on mentorship for new committers



  1. Community Manager makes a call for a planning committee X months before the congress

  2. Planning committee forms, selects dates, creates wiki pages/boards using template

  3. Call for projects/sign up sent to lists 8 weeks before event

  4. CM will share at Partner meeting, highlight on the wiki, and share in newsletter

  5. Reminder sent to lists one week before



Can this be templated to the point that only a very small planning team is needed? What can the CM do in this process, and what requires a committee or other volunteers?

What processes/documentation do we already have?

What processes/documentation do we need to create?