2021-09-02 Meeting notes


3-4pm EDT


  • @Heather Greer Klein

  • @Lynette Rayle

  • @Kevin Kochanski --- regrets

  • @Juliet Hardesty

  • @Maxence Gévaudan – regrets

  • @Maria Whitaker

  • @Jeremy Friesen – regrets

  • Kiah – regrets

  • @Christine Peterson

Agenda and notes

  • Additions to the agenda?

  • Updates

  • Progress on our goals:

    1. Goal: A process and schedule for multiple Development Congresses to be held at regular intervals every year 

      • We have a 4x a year schedule and a template for holding them

      • How to ensure there is always a lead facilitator?

      • Other work to do for this goal?

      • Jan and May – hyrax product owner responsible for those; volunteer for November and one in the summer

      • could have the dev congress one week after, so new folks can join the maintenance working group and any new dev congress participants. Then the second week would be dev congress.

      • week of optional onboarding, week of dev congress. Then could have one after connect, that would be the fourth congress.

      • Hyrax PO sets schedule and runs the onboarding, look for volunteer facilitator and/or committee for the congress. gives a good onboading for those new to the community.

    2. Goal: An evaluation of current contribution culture strengths and weaknesses

  • Goal: develop new contributor support practices, including new practices for highlighting successful contributions and contributors and regular opportunities for new contributor support

    1. Completed or making progress on:

      1. Created maintenance pledge process

      2. Identified need for Community-managed training and improved onboarding processes

      3. Hyrax maintenance working group tasked to review one-off PRs

      4. Streamline the CLA as much as possible (still in atty review)

      5. Tried/are trying a 30 min session for newer devs

        1. Low uptake on facilitation so far

        2. Other ideas for this need?

    2. Other items identified in our evaluation:

      • Automate the CLA checking process

      • For plugins: There are call-backs. Could this be leveraged for some extensions? May not be well known. Could documentation help with this?

        • This had a WG but didn’t move to implementation. Could there be a lightning talk about this, to see if there is interest? It would be a good working group if we could get a group together.

          • @Maria Whitaker will reach out to Drew about it. Someone could present on what the next steps could be.

      • PRs across all Samvera repos reviewed in the weekly tech call?

        • Doesn’t seem feasible. Could be in the half hour after the tech call. But if the MWG is doing that review, we won’t need it. Can still bring outstanding PRs to the tech call to be moved.

      • How do we grow the pool of people who feel comfortable making a review? Could there be two levels:

        • first level review to capture obvious problems and provide feedback;

        • second level review by product owners/tech leads and other's with a lot of experience in the code

      • There is documentation that is a checklist for PR review. Is there a way to automate any of this?

      • Can we identify the major functional areas (e.g. collections, search builders, presenters, etc.)? Then developers can build expertise in a functional area, allowing them to feel more comfortable reviewing PRs in that area. First step would be to list out the functional areas and then identify a 'functional lead' for each area. This would reduce the cognitive load of trying to understand all the components.

        • This is a really important process that should get picked up. Can lighten the load on the tech lead.

        • There are a lot of devs and they might be hesitant to step up and say they want to help. Anything we can do to narrow it down would help. You are the expert on search builders, we can have you review search builder PRs.

        • Step one is identifying the major functional areas. Development patterns could serve as a starter list. Can start with Development Patterns as a starting point.

        • Need a ‘job description’ for what it means to be this functional area expert.

        • Documentation on patterns can help educate new contributors/improve onboarding (Start on this for Hyrax in wiki page Development Patterns)

        • @Heather Greer Klein will send a doodle poll to meet the week of the 13th; include jeremy, chris, tamsin, jon cameron. Ask in Hyku channel.

        • @Lynette Rayle will start a document

      • make PR review better by being more positive and going a little way out on a limb to get the first one or two in. Shift the mindset from "why should this be accepted" to "how can we help you get this accepted"

    3. Next steps for this goal?

      1. Always people interested in the PR process if someone could present it. Heather will reach out to ask Chris Colvard about presenting it.

      2. Can present these at connect and the partner meeting in the report out.

  • Goal: A set of recommendations to Partners based on the above work, including but not limited to recommendations for practices and actions that require commitment from the institutional leadership level 

    • Can present this at the Partners Meeting Oct 12-13

      • Presenter

      • Draft presentation

  • Goal: The group will present their work at Samvera Connect 2021 and sunset after that presentation

    • Presenter

      • Draft presentation

  • Do we need another meeting? – YES

  • Onboarding Working Group to continue with some of this work?

Action items

@Heather Greer Klein will document dev congress timing and process
@Maria Whitaker will reach out to Drew about the next steps from the plugin group. Someone could present on what the next steps could be.
@Heather Greer Klein will send a doodle poll to meet the week of the 13th; include jeremy, chris, tamsin, jon cameron. Ask in Hyku channel as well.
@Lynette Rayle will start a document to list the functional areas, and were we can create the ‘job description’ for the role
@Heather Greer Klein will reach out to ask Chris Colvard about presenting on the PR process
@Heather Greer Klein will draft a presentation for the partner meeting and Connect and share with the group