Winter 2020 Sprint Retrospective Meeting

Meeting Information


Time: 13:00 CST/14:00 EST





LikedLearnedLackedLonged For
  • Daily stand-ups ++
  • Setting expectations for what people are going to work on daily +
  • Working with CircleCI for a React App
  • Slack pairing availability
  • Integration patterns for Rails API and JavaScript
  • Integrating Redux using React Hooks (in the past, Adam was using Class-based components, as was James)
  • Coverage analysis for Jest
  • There are React-specific images for CircleCI
  • React in general, Yarn, JS development tools
  • More time (maybe two weeks?) ++
  • More lead time in order to become familiar with the React UI
  • Better scheduling, Friday to Friday might be better
    • Fridays are much better planning meetings
  • Development environment for running Rails API with React UI for integrated testing +
    • Maybe something like DevStack from NU
  • Maybe one or two more participants, even just stakeholders +
  • Having others knowledgeable regarding patterns for React/JS and Samvera or Blacklight

Future Goals

  • We should be looking forward to showcasing the work
  • Publishing NPM packages should be ideal
  • Update for Virtual Connect is something which should be explored

Action Items

  • James shall explore
  • James will enquire regarding the Virtual Connect presentation with those planning the event
    • Christina will have limited availability (will not be available 04/14-04/17)
    • Maybe just schedule some time for presentation planning
    • Plan a sprint following Virtual Connect


  • James will draft this