Newspaper_works User Stories


Sage Roberts

Digital Repository Manager

Sage is responsible for managing thousands of objects in the library’s digital repository. She has many projects going at all times, and needs efficient ways to manage workflows for ingesting and publishing content.



Application Goals

Ingest newspaper content into the repository

The library has recently received a large batch of newspaper issues from a digitization vendor. Sage wants to log in to the system and upload the items as a batch into the repository, and have the system create derivatives and searchable full-text from the uploaded master files. The items still have incomplete metadata, so Sage needs to be able to make sure they aren’t discoverable by users in the front-end search interface. This is a large batch of materials, so Sage doesn’t have time to monitor the entire process, and receiving automated notifications about the batch process status helps save time.

Log in as administrator

Add new newspaper title to newspaper collection

Upload image and OCR files as members of newspaper title

Create derivatives for images (access, thumbnails)

Create searchable text for items

Designate workflow status of items

Email notifications for batch uploads

Make corrections to image content

After a batch upload, Sage notices that some of the images are out of order, one page is missing, and some other images are very poor quality. She needs to modify the image sequence, and identify the microfilm reel that the low-quality images came from so that new scans can be created. Once the new scans are available, Sage will replace the current versions. She has some solid programming experience, but would prefer to have a GUI to make the changes, so she can assign the work to an assistant.

Reorder images in a sequence

Insert images into a sequence

Identify parent container from which page-level objects originated

Replace images

Migrate newspaper content from legacy system

The library has a lot of legacy newspaper content in a proprietary system that the library has decided to cancel the annual license for. Sage has exported the material from the legacy system in a vendor-designated format and wants to import it into the repository. The vendor’s format has a few different options for how objects are structured, so she needs to be able to configure the ingest job to match these settings.

Select ingest format for migration from legacy system

Configure ingest format for migration from legacy system

Ingest content from legacy system output format


Eva Torres

Metadata Librarian

Eva adds value to items in the repository by creating detailed metadata that increases discoverability and access. She wants to connect the newspaper content to other materials through the use of controlled vocabularies.



Application Goals

Edit metadata for newspaper content

The library has recently received a large batch of newspaper issues from a digitization vendor. The images have been uploaded into the repository by the Digital Repository Manager, and now Eva wants to log in to the repository application to view the items, review the metadata created by the vendor, and make corrections where necessary. Once the items are satisfactory, Eva will mark them as reviewed and ready to be published.

Log in to system as an administrator

Find specific collections of newspaper content

View item images

View metadata for items

Edit metadata for items

Designate workflow status of items

Create original metadata for newspaper content

A large amount of article-level items have just been uploaded into the repository. Eva needs to view the items, analyze the content, and create descriptions. She sees that the issue-level metadata (volume, publisher, publication date, etc.) is already pre-populated. She wants to designate each article as a specific predefined type (article, editorial, obituary, advertisement, etc.), and assign a geographic heading from Geonames.

Article items inherit metadata from parent issue metadata records

Assign metadata using controlled taxonomies

Assign metadata using identifiers or URLs from controlled vocabularies


Owen Moss

Digital Collections Librarian

Owen wants the newspaper collections in the repository to be user-friendly and well-integrated with other library collections. He will be responsible for making sure the content gets aggregated into regional and national collections.



Application Goals

Reuse newspaper collections in other contexts

Now that a significant of newspaper content is available in the repository, Owen wants to promote the library’s collections, include the materials in digital exhibits, and contribute content to aggregators such as DPLA. He uses IIIF APIs to create URLs to specific issues, pages, images, or portions of images to be included on library web pages and digital exhibits. He supplies API URLs to aggregators to allow content to be harvested into regional newspaper collections.

IIIF Presentation API returns manifests for titles, issues, articles

IIIF Search API allows standardized search interface to OCR content.

Create reports about newspaper collection usage

As part of the the digital collections department annual report, Owen wants to generate statistics about the digital collections. He needs an interface where he can view and download collection numbers and the number of times items have been viewed and downloaded over a specific period of time.

Google Analytics support

Admin dashboard

Generate reports

View report data

Download reports

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