PCDM metadata model for Newspapers

The data model implemented by NewspaperWorks provides 5 work types corresponding to various newspaper content manifestations.

See https://github.com/duraspace/pcdm/wiki/Digitized-Newspapers for a full data model profile.

Work types

NewspaperTitleA pcdm:Object serving as an abstract intellectual container for one or more issues of a specific newspaper title (e.g. The Bloom Picayune). Serves as parent for NewspaperIssue and NewspaperContainer objects.
NewspaperContainerA pcdm:Object representing a physical container that may have held bound, microfilmed, or otherwise collected newspaper issues prior to digitization. It serves as a way to maintain provenance and information about which microfilm reels or bound volumes that a particular digitized issue or page originated from. (This is an optional construct, since not all implementations may be working from a microfilmed or bound container.)
NewspaperIssueA pcdm:Object representing a single issue of a newspaper title. This object is a child of NewspaperTitle, and serves as a parent for NewspaperPage objects representing individual pages and/or NewspaperArticle objects representing articles.
NewspaperPageA pcdm:Object representing a single page of a newspaper issue. This object may be a child of NewspaperIssue, NewspaperContainer, or NewspaperArticle; and serves as a parent for a pcdm:FileSet object representing image and/or text files.
NewspaperArticleA pcdm:Object representing a single article within a newspaper issue. This object is a child of NewspaperIssue, and serves as a parent for one or more NewspaperPage objects. (Articles may appear on multiple pages.) May also serve as a parent for a pcdm:FileSet object for image and/or text files representing a portion of a page image.

Data model diagram