Hydra Europe - OR2014 proposal


  • Fedora/Hydra track (short) paper?
  • OR poster if this application is not successful
  • Submission akin to the 'State of the HydraSphere' talks that Tom has given at previous conferences



  • to demonstrate the emergence of a European community to complement the strong US partner base
  • to highlight the varied application of Hydra within Europe, demonstrating its value to a range of use cases - see below
  • to highlight the different types and levels of engagement by Hydra adopters in Europe, whilst encouraging participation wherever possible


Important points to cover

  • That Hull were founding members, so UK/Europe is baked in from the start
  • Different use cases/applications within Europe (DH, vs digitisation, vs open access, etc.??)
  • The range of skillsets (implying different funding levels..) - e.g. one dev here / six devs there / etc.
  • Committed partners who use Hydra as a core part of their digital content management strategy

My only other thoughts would be to what extent some of the core Hydra community messages needed to be repeated. Perhaps determined somewhat by the decision on format (poster/paper).

CA - agreed.  If a paper as part of a Hydra strand then hopefully we don't need to.  If a poster, then we may usefully highlight these as background and context.