Objectives for 2011 Calendar Year

Technical Objectives

  • replace Hydrangea with unbranded Libra
  • go to Rails 3 for both BL and Hydra, gemify Hydra (Urgent)
  • collections support
  • 2-step workflow
  • dashboard
  • multiple content type support: data sets, articles, ETDs, AV, images, archival materials, et al.
  • codify Hydra (micro)services in architecture
  • explore GIS head

Community Objectives

  • have really good technical documentation
  • have a really good public facing website
  • have screen casts for install, config, et al.
  • a listing of Hydra heads with consistent descriptions
    • and a template for adding new ones
    • and links to demo sites for each
  • OR11 workshop & paper(s)
  • Hydra curriculum
  • LibDevConX^2
  • expand number of core, contributing Hydra institutions by 2-4
  • UK profile expansion

Institutional Objectives


  • deploy Libra, w/ support for open access articles, books, data sets, etd's
  • Hydra front-end for managing & delivering library digital materials (1M images & MSS)
  • bulk ingest


  • Hydrangea in Hull live in September; replacing Muradora.
  • automated ingest from RIS
  • UK advocacy


  • Hydrus / SDR front end live this summer
  • support for collections, two-step workflow, multiple content types, dashboard
  • microservices for ingest / object building
  • some Argus progress (to be scoped) for admin UI
  • LibDevConX^2


  • supporting all projects involved with
  • some data set work (to be identified)
  • Hydra Camp '11
  • published Hydra curriculum
  • Hydra hosting & deployment


  • have one