ContentMD discussions


  • document Stanford contentMD schema (LTM)
  • document decision that Hydra compliant objects reply to contentMD method and return contentMD xml (RG)
  • document the fact that there are multipe options for satisfying this. show the most common ways you might satisfy this (RG -> MZ):
    • explicit contentMetadata datastream,
    • explicit structInfo & fileInfo datastreams in parent that also rely on part objects' fileInfo datastreams…
  • start a comprehensive JIRA ticket (RG)

NOTE: assembling the contentMetadata on the fly is actually an example of a pattern

  • Assembling full EAD for a collection,
  • Assembling METS on the fly,
  • TechMD on the fly,
  • BagIt manifest files, OAI-ORE, etc.