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Real-Time Road Map : This will be phased out in favor of Jira's built-in Roadmap

Ticket Types: Epic, Story, Technical Task, Documentation

Note: Epic tickets are not being used consistently yet, but we now have a sense of what we want to do with them.  In short, Epic tickets are the types of things that you would highlight in Release Notes and/or discuss in high-level planning meetings.

Planning Board -- This is primarily useful in the weekly committers call when we are scheduling the week's work and reviewing the previous week's work.

Labels -- Basically tagging of tickets.  

Cucumber-style tickets

Example of a well written Story: HYDRA-287Name fields should auto-update after a computing id is entered

Example of a well written Bug: HYDRA-282Uploaded file does not appear in browse view

When in doubt, at very least, include a section in your Story/Bug that says "You will know this is working when..." or "You will know this is fixed when..." 

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Enable creating stories as sub-tasks of Epics HYDRA-320

Make sure all Hydra saved searches are shared with everyone

Rename Institutional Roadmap Versions to "Labels" DONE - MZ 13 Nov 2010