How development on Heads vs. Core will be structured

  • We will manage individual development efforts as separately resourced, separately managed, separately timed initiatives. Do this development in branches of Hydra plug-in / Hydrangea code. Examples will be Libra (UVa IR), Hypatia, Stanford Digital Repository, Hull, Notre Dame Special Collections...
  • Dependencies, duplications & relations of tickets across projects will be managed via JIRA's linking capabilities, and tasks / subtasks.
  • We will create an attribute in tickets to relate work to SOWs.
  • As code matures, it will migrate into Hydrangea and the Hydra plug in. This will follow the pattern set with Blacklight.
  • The Hydra committers call on Mondays will be a forum for pulling the best code from the different heads into the Hydra plugin.
  • A Hydra designers / analysts forum (starting with Garrick & Jennifer) will be a like forum for agreeing on UX design & functional. We may convene add'l meetings / comm channels as necessary.
  • Hydra dev will need to make very heavy use of the Hydra-tech list, to share requirements, designs, code. Announcing before starting work, and after completing work, will help lateral integration across heads and integration of functions into core. This will be like Blacklight.
  • Any contributors to the core Hydra code will be invited to the weekly Hydra committers call.

Break tickets out into separate projects

  • Hydra/ngea
  • Hypatia
  • Hull
  • Stanford
  • UVa (Libra)
  • ETDs...