Hyrax Interest Group Call 2022-05-11

Time: 11:30am-12:00pm Eastern

Connection Info: https://iu.zoom.us/j/94019873775?pwd=cmlSb2tCNmQzbmlhUXgvNHVIVkxLUT09
enter pass: 175760

Notetaker: Rachel Howard

Community Notes


  • Julie Hardesty (Indiana University)

  • Collin Brittle (Emory University)

  • Rachel Howard (University of Louisville)

  • Chris Colvard (Indiana University)

  • Christine Peterson (Amigos)

  • Heather Greer Klein (Samvera)

  • Jon Cameron (Indiana University)



  • Hyrax Maintenance Working Group update - Julie Hardesty

    • May Dev Congress next week (May 16-20)

      • You can sign up to attend. Many have - especially from Emory (folks need Wiki access, Heather is on it).

      • Can try to get Hyrax loaded using Docker on first day.

      • Schedule covers different topics, many time-sensitive for Hyrax.

      • Also timing with start of next Maintenance Working Group sprint. 

    • Call for next Hyrax PO - to take over from Julie Hardesty. Looking for someone to get started this summer shadowing Julie and get up to speed in time to take over starting with Samvera Connect in October.

    • Call for Hyrax Tech Lead  - will be funded for one year, up to $45K - buying time from institution for minimum 25% FTE. Someone is in the works, which could make recruitment for PO more attractive. Expression of future interest also welcomed to line up transitions in advance.

  • Topics and Projects

    • Rails 6 upgrade (Blacklight 7 / Bootstrap 4)

      • Most pressing Hyrax issue

      • Updates to Blacklight 7 and Bootstrap 4 need to occur at the same time

        • Group from Emory is focusing on this right now

        • Testing branch locally with feature testing and have a set of issues forming up that will be used at next week’s Dev Congress

    • Hyrax-Valkyrization

      • Spreadsheet where testing has been happening

      • Last tab, Summary2, is tabulating all of the other tabs’ test steps

      • Summary tab is listing issues

      • Lynette Rail at Cornell is leaving Cornell for GitHub. She’s been a main force in Valkyrie work over the past couple of years.

  • Questions?

  • Hyku News

    • Version 4 is out - deals with environmental defaults in configuring

    • Next step is upgrading Hyrax to use Hyrax 3 in Hyku

  • Next meeting: Wednesday, June 8, 11:30am Eastern