Hyrax Interest Group Call 2022-07-13

Time: 11:30am-12:00pm Eastern

Connection Info: https://iu.zoom.us/j/94019873775?pwd=cmlSb2tCNmQzbmlhUXgvNHVIVkxLUT09
enter pass: 175760


Community Notes


  • Julie Hardesty (Indiana University)

  • Heather Greer Klein (Samvera)

  • Collin Brittle (Emory)

  • Daniel Pierce (IU)

  • Rebekah Kati (UNC)

  • Rob Kaufman (Scientist.com)



  • Hyrax Maintenance Working Group update - Julie Hardesty and Daniel Pierce

  • Topics and Projects

    • Hyrax-Valkyrization work

      • Heather talking to Partners about community sprint work; could incorporate Rob’s call for mentors and might be able to overlap?

    • Maintenance Policy for Hyrax (draft)

      • Reviewing this for the Rails vulnerability

      • Might want to keep this in draft form while Hyrax 4 is coming out; release of Hyrax 4 might mean end of maintenance of Hyrax 2 and need to be loud about that

    • Hyku news

      • 2 open issues left for upgrading to Hyrax 3.4.1, want to release that then do Rails upgrade and bring in Hyrax 4 after that

      • Looking for mentors for interns to help with Hyku work - could also focus this on Nurax / NuraxPG upgrade work

  • Questions?

    • Rails issue - Blacklight has to deal with this and Rails 6 and Rails 5.2 also has to deal with this

      • Blacklight channel on Code4Lib slack

      • Rob - might not be as much of a vulnerability to Hyrax and there might be a .2 version of the patch and might be worth waiting for a week or 2 before applying

      • Brad at Emory looking at this for local update, might be able to help with Hyrax

  • Next meeting: Wednesday, August 10, 11:30am Eastern