Hyrax Interest Group Call 2021-06-16

Time: 11:30am-12:00pm Eastern

Connection Info: https://iu.zoom.us/j/94019873775?pwd=cmlSb2tCNmQzbmlhUXgvNHVIVkxLUT09
enter pass: 175760

Notetaker: Margaret Mellinger (Oregon State University)

Community Notes

Attendees: Julie Hardesty, Tamsin Johnson, Rob Kaufman, Maria Whitaker, Chris Colvard, Rebecca Kati



  • Hyrax Maintenance Working Group update - tamsin johnson and Julie Hardesty

    • Currently in last sprint for this cycle 

    • Progressing through backlog and organizing 

    • Devs are setting up a cloud site on Notch8 servers, as a test site for Nurax

      • SSH access coming 

      • Hope to use in final week of sprint 

      • Set up for future 

    • Starting a new round of the working group charter in a couple of weeks (July 1) .  2 weeks on and 2 weeks off.  Some of this will dovetail with the Dev Congress.

      • Consider if your organization has the capacity and communicate your interest in participating with Heather Klein, Julie or Tamsin. 

  • Topics and Projects

    • WG July-December 2021 Community Ask status

      • Need 2 devs and 2 testers, at .5 FTE 

      • Partial commitments are also ok - it’s not .5 FTE or nothing.

        • There are some people who have signed up for less than .5  (someone has signed up for 1 week of the 2 week cycle as a GitHub Tester) 

      • Definite needs for both roles in next cycle 

    • Hyrax Tech Lead description

      • From IMLS narrative re: tech lead role: “…lead the technical architecture and vision for Hyrax [during the grant], serving as a key resource for the development team on issues of technical design and architecture for new features and integrations.”

        • Tamsin serving through September, 2021 

        • Starting October, we need a new Technical Lead 

      • Hyrax Interest Group proposal and ask (2019): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r81LVMaPnyKtP0Byxe0k_dxoGQNPbcAMgPRiWZTXE08/edit#heading=h.xtw5mfm02t0o  

        • We didn’t have an existing description of the tech lead responsibilities  - so looking at the IMLS grant is a starting point.

        • Differentiation between what the tech lead HAS been doing vs. what the tech lead can do going forward. Tamsin’s responsibilities have been far reaching, and scoping the role will help in recruiting for the new position.

        • Need a real job description and make it realistic for one person to do. Be flexible on what the focus is to match with potential candidates’ skills and interests. 

        • Then move some of the other duties/tasks to the group 

        • Tamsin had heard there may be some interest in the community, with at least one person who is waiting to see how things play out with their institution and the IMLS grant.  If the IMLS grant pans out, it seems like we will have a greater chance of filling the role. 

        • When talking about this role, we would want to define the reporting structure, level of autonomy, scope of responsibility and how the position makes decisions (solo, in a small group, with support… )  

    • ACTION:  Julie will start a Google doc to outline a technical lead job description.  Group will take a first pass, and Tamsin can go through and see what’s missing or needs to be edited.  Sometime in July (but not by the start of the next sprint cycle).  This will be shared with the interest group on Slack, as well.  

      • Maybe a different way to consider Tech Lead’s time (buy out vs donation)?

        • Heather would need to be involved and it would go through Steering /Partners. 

    • Hyku news

      • Rob/Notch8: Doing a lot of dev ops side of the house to line up with Hyrax, trying to get small feature fixes merged in. 

      • Rob wants to connect with Chris and Tamsin about the BL code. 

      • Chris/Ubiquity - bringing on new clients, more BePress migrations. 

      • Backporting metadata YAML, as a stepping stone from Hyrax 2.x to 3.x.  Chris thinks it’s looking doable.

      • Anything worth taking up at Dev Congress?   

  • Questions?

  • Next meeting: Wednesday, July 14, 11:30am Eastern (during Samvera Dev Congress)