Samvera Roadmaps Alignment Group

Scope & Objectives

The Roadmaps Alignment Group (formerly called "Samvera Roadmap Council") works to identify conflicts and areas of alignment between the roadmaps of the Core Components Owners, Hyrax, Hyku, Valkyrie, and Avalon. This group works in consultation with the Metadata Interest Group and Samvera Service Providers. The Group identifies cross-project development opportunities, helps to arrange maintenance sprints, and coordinates communication to the Samvera Community about these activities.  This group is chartered per the Governance Recommendations adopted by the Samvera Partners in April 2018.  

Meeting Information

Roadmaps Alignment Group meets biweekly on Tuesdays at 11AM CST biweekly on Mondays at 2pm Eastern starting August 8, 2022

Slack: #roadmap-alignment

Chartered: October 2018

Facilitator: rotating

Meeting Notes

Please see the Meeting Notes and Agendas


In order to facilitate communication with various entities within the Samvera community, the Group includes the following Community Roles:

  • Product owners of the current technologies (Avalon, Hyrax, Hyku, Valkyrie)

  • 2 Representatives from the Core Components Maintenance Working Group

  • 1 Representative from the Metadata Interest Group

  • 1 Representative from a Samvera Service Provider

  • The Samvera Community Manager

The current membership of the Roadmap Council is:

The Group itself and/or the Samvera Steering Group may recommend adjustments to the membership to reflect changes in the community.

Samvera White Paper

What We're Working On

  • Community Feature Requests and Roadmap Planning

    • Pulling together feature requests and developments from across the community to feed into roadmap planning for Samvera components and solutions

    • Identifying community pain points that require community action

  • Resourcing

    • Coordinating requests for community resourcing to deliver solution roadmaps and specific features

    • Identifying barriers to code contribution and to joining feature sprints

    • Exploring what adopters are already doing that might become community features

  •  Communications

    • Communicating ongoing work from the groups we represent

    • Communicating to the wider Community about resourcing, activities, and opportunities for collaboration

  • Samvera Maintenance Issues