2018-08-07 Program Committee

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Agenda and Notes 

  1. Welcome / Check attendees list (above)

  2. Volunteer for note taker: Chris Diaz

  3. Facilitator Richard Green

  4. Workshops, Panels & Presentations  
    1. Waffle Board is at https://waffle.io/samvera-labs/samvera-connect
    2. Brief review of submissions
      1. Any to reject? No.
      2. Any obvious plenary content
        1. State of Samvera Community
        2. Samvera Governance
    3. Additional workshop (see #205)
      1. Initial response to Panel and Presentation submitters
      2. Richard will contact presenters about acceptance
      3. Confirm presenters, clarify scope and type (presentation or panel) if necessary 
      4. Ask about recording
    4. Ideas for plenary content
      1. Valkyrie: An Introduction and Update – Chris will reach out
      2. Hyrax Roadmap (???) – Chris will reach out
    5. To-do:
      1. Add Brian to the Samvera-Labs Organization – Chris
      2. Create a Wiki page for the preliminary program
      3. The committee should begin moving proposals from the backlog to columns where we think the propals fit. We can use Slack and Waffle / GitHub comment to discuss individuals proposals.

  5. Update on registrations
    1. Numbers
      1. 39 registrants, but more registrations are expected upon acceptance notifications
    2. Tracking registrations (of presenters)

  6. Date of next call
    1. Tuesday 14th August - hour later than usual