2018-09-18 Program Committee

Connection Info:


Agenda and Notes 

  1. Welcome / Check attendees list (above)
  2. Facilitator arouner
  3. Additions/changes to agenda?
  4. Scheduling/future meetings (just for reference)
    1. Committee members known time-off or missing for future meetings (can write in following meeting)

      1. Richard: September 4th & 18th
    2. Other scheduling items?
    3. Additional meeting Wednesday 10/3?
  5. WG/IG updates
    1. Distinguish WG/IG meetings on schedule from WG/IG updates on schedule:
    2. Need to communicate with WG/IG conveners
      1. We will have WG/IG updates first session of Thursday morning general interest session
        1. need to move two slots form General Track into available Manager or Dev tracks
      2. Where do we get list of conveners
      3. We had one inquiry from Benjamin Armintor wanting to give lightning talk if no WG/IG updates
  6. Plenary
    1. Code of Conduct update–Hannah Frost & John Robinson
    2. State of Samvera Community address––Steering will select speaker/s and inform us
    3. Samvera Governance–Steering will select speaker/s and inform us
    4. Other plenary content
      1. All 3 proposals for presentation moved to plenary have been contacted and agreed to do this:

        1. Hyrax Roadmap

        2. Valkyrie: An Introduction and Update

        3. Avalon Update
  7. Panels & Presentations
    1. Do we want to announce schedule as-is (wiki site) or wait for Sessionizer?
    2. Aaron almost done with Sessionizer–AR will move items on spreadsheet Wed, and forward to Aaron, then make announcement Wed
    3. Brian will forward additional items to add to message to go out Wed
    4. AR also needs to cross-check for possible speaker conflicts with schedule as-is
    5. https://wiki.duraspace.org/display/samvera/SC-18+Thursday+-+Parallel+Tracks 
    6. Andrew contacted any remaining on Brian's list not yet registered
      1. Only 1-2 (I think) presentation/panel leaders may not have registered/replied
      2. Follow-ups this week (send replies and update Waffle board as they come in)
    7. Also need to get recording agreement on several–most have agreed
  8. Workshops:
    1. Rooms have been assigned for all now...can we put room numbers on wiki?
      1. Workshops on wiki: SC18 - Workshops at Samvera Connect 
      2. Workshops spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1F0R3bWU4rD3LhjOfLIsBQw2mlQXfGwWsSZYdw1NYmOA/edit#gid=624287811
      3. Utah spreadsheet with information about room capacity/capability:
    2. Workshop registration
      1. Updates on workshop registrations? Only 29 workshop registrations so far
    3. Page listing workshops on Samvera wiki: SC18 - Workshops at Samvera Connect
    4. Spreadsheet with additional information: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1F0R3bWU4rD3LhjOfLIsBQw2mlQXfGwWsSZYdw1NYmOA/edit#gid=624287811
  9. Lightning Talks and other formats (besides unconference)
  10. Unconference
    1. Aaron and Brian have been working on Sessionizer
  11. Host Committee
    1. Conference site here: https://connect2018.lib.utah.edu 
    2. Scholarship Committee–update on committee
  12. GENERAL conference items
    1. Room captains and time-keeper sign-up
      1. call for volunteers
      2. distribute copy about video for posting at rooms
      3. should go in this week's messages 
      4. need to have wiki sign-up page (with a link back to schedule page to cross reference for people)
    2. Logistics for posting information
    3. Live-streaming (defer discussion to 9/11 meeting)
      1. Chris Diaz read a paper that came out about individuals doing conference live-streaming and will summarize at our next meeting on 7/17/2018 and posted this paper to our Google Drive 
      2. LPC have live-streamed conferences using cells; they get tripods and mics; and use twitter and periscope for sessions; then upload to youtube 
      3. Chris thinks its very do-able; Richard wonders who pays for cell data?  Chris suggesting using a library tablet with wifi; wifi better for bandwidth
      4. Emily says Periscope will give info on numbers of people 
      5. Are there tripods available that could hold phones?
    4. Video releases 
      1. Micah Zeller submitted updated release from for workshop & panel presenters addressing Richard's concerns
      2. drop "project" from document
      3. We could also put up 2-3 BIG posters 
      4. Emily Stenberg has added draft language on recordings (for room captains to communicate at taped sessions) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eGkhtd7jmGruYQgLgj7XuxHqDEJPoM0R?usp=sharing 
    5. Including everybody
      1. Richard Green initiated a Mentorship Committee (in part to assure no one is isolated at Connect).
        1. Robin Lindley Ruggaber will head Mentorship Committee
        2. Andrew was in contact with Robin but need to follow-up
  13. Tools for organization
    1. Additional communications/issues upcoming?
      1. IN EVERY MESSAGE GOING OUT, REMIND PEOPLE OF ALL THE THINGS TO DO (with relevant links): registration, conference proposals, etc.
      2. Review tools and processes for planning–who is familiar with and/or has admin access to these?
    2. Daily email for all the info for the day each day of Connect
      1. Off the normal program–like the photograph, sign lightning talks etc. every morning 
      2. But we need a list of attendee emails
      3. Richard can write daily email at Connect
    3. GitHub/Waffle board for organization and tracking of sessions and speakers
      1. Everyone accept invitations to samvera-connect team, and samvera labs?  Anyone not invited who sent in GitHub IDs?
      2. Aaron has indicated it would be good for everyone to complete a CLA who's on samvera labs...
      3. https://waffle.io/samvera-labs
    4.  Google drive
      1. Link: program planning and structure of past Connect conferences
    5. Sessionizer for timetabling unconference sessions
      1. https://github.com/curationexperts/sessionizer
    1. Finalizing schedule
      1. Chris & Margaret volunteered to review current spreadsheet listing panels and presentations to check for any conflicts for speakers (Thank you!)
      2. They will also add in space in morning in the General Track for WG/IG Updates to community
      3. They will also find other available space in the schedule to move displaced sessions from the General Track
      4. NB–there was a special request to have one session ("Building on Hyrax and Avalon1 for the American Archive of Public Broadcasting" #190) occur during first hour of Thursday morning as presenter will need to fly out immediately following (this cannot be moved)
      5. Spreadsheet should also be updated to 
      6. re-label what's listed now in the schedule just as "WG/IG" as "WG/IG meeting"
      7. include workshops 
    2. WG/IG
      1. A list of WG/IG chairs/co-chairs needs to be generated to alert them to possibility of presenting updates
    3. Sessionizer
      1. Aaron expects to have Sessionizer ready today
    4. Other additions to wiki:
      1. Make sign-up sheet for Room Captains and Time Keepers for sessions
      2. Make sign-up sheet for WG/IG updates?
      3. Make sign-up sheet to schedule WG/IG meetings?
      4. Make sign-up sheet for dinners?
    5. Mentorship committee:
      1. arouner needs to follow-up with Robin
      2. We will need access to registrants
    6. Thursday email to go out 9/20 will include
      1. Announcement that (fingers crossed) the program with scheduling and room assignments is available
      2. Brian McBride will send copy to include in email about registrants needing to select t-shirt sizes (to finalize Friday)
        1. and information asking people to either bring their eduroam wifi information or register in advance with guest account
        2. (because the unauthenticated guest wifi is very  limited)
      3. Call for volunteers for Room Captains and Time Keepers for rooms (sign-up sheet must be ready to go)
    7. Other communication
      1. per Brian McBride, reach out the presenters for the plenary track to let them know of the slight change in schedule
    8. Thursday email to go out 10/04 will include
    9. Information about video
      1. 2 rooms will be set for fixed video
      2. For those sessions without recording capability, we're calling for anyone willing to use a cell phone to record a session, 
      3. asking them to follow guidelines about recording only those who've signed releases, and only presenters (not audience members)
      4. guidelines will also have information about where to upload video following conference
      5. As a pilot, not all sessions will end up being recorded; we will report back on the feasibility of this for possible implementation at SC 2019
  15. Other