2018-06-13 Program Committee

Connection Info:


Agenda and Notes 

  1. Welcome
  2. Volunteer for note taker: Margaret mellinger 
  3. Facilitator arouner
  4. Additions/changes to agenda? None 
  5. Scheduling/future meetings
    1. Additional meeting dates have been added (all meetings listed):
      1. 2018-04-03 Program Committee
        2018-05-01 Program Committee
        2018-06-13 Program Committee
        2018-07-03 Program Committee
        2018-07-17 Program Committee
        2018-08-07 Program Committee
        2018-08-21 Program Committee
        2018-09-04 Program Committee
        2018-09-18 Program Committee

    2. Committee members known time-off or missing for future meetings (can write in following meeting)
      1. Andrew: June 25-29; August 6-8, 22-27 (no meeting conflicts)
      2. Margaret: July 13 - 23 , possibly missing 7/17 meeting 
    3. Other scheduling items?
  6. Host Committee
    1. conference site up: https://connect2018.lib.utah.edu (looks great!)
    2. registration open 6/4/2018; announced at OR
    3. issues with workshops unavailable at registration launch?
      1. There will be 1-2 more workshops (Tom Johnson and DCE will lead).  There needs to be a note on the conference site noting that the workshop schedule is not final and that some workshops might be moved from afternoon to morning or vice versa. Logistics will be solidified soon 
    4. number of registrants so far?  
  7. Finalizing workshops:
    1. page (unlinked) listing workshops: SC18 - Workshops at Samvera Connect
    2. spreadsheet with additional information: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1F0R3bWU4rD3LhjOfLIsBQw2mlQXfGwWsSZYdw1NYmOA/edit#gid=624287811
    3. Facilities / Rooms available for conference - info provided by host committee
    4. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pTncHSl5JFXu8ORCReAyo0sbU-4MX7aangzr136SHrE/edit#gid=0
    5. host committee: how will workshop info be incorporated into registration form?
    6. last-minute possible additions: intro and advanced Hyrax workshops from DCE
  8. Review communication timeline
    1. Thanks Chris for updating!
    2. Next communications:
      1. email CFP for presentations & panels, suggested to go out Thursday (tomorrow)
        1. should be both for panels proposer would like to lead, AND panels they'd like to see (nominating someone else)
        2. previously had people add to wiki page; 2018 version (unlinked) here: SC18 - Suggestions for Connect 2018 Program
        3. There will be 2 rooms in which University of Utah has video capture recording in place.  Suggestion that we might want to offer the use of personal recording equipment (phones) for other sessions. 
          ACTION:  Chris will read a paper that came out about this and summarize at our next meeting on 7/3/2018 
        4. Brian has suggested using Google forms to capture additional information:
          1. Title and description of session
          2. proposer name 
            1. Offering to lead session OR suggesting a session? 
              1. If leading the session, indicate if you are willing to be live streamed or recorded 
              2. If suggesting a session, give suggestion for leader and contact info
                1. Program committee will then ask nominated leader if they can do the session and find out if they are willing to be recorded. 
      2. email announcing that registration for Connect 2018 is open
        1. sent by program or host committee? 
          1. We decided the host committee would send that out 
    3. additional communications upcoming?
  9. Review tools and processes for planning–who is familiar with and/or has admin access to these?
    1. Waffle board for organization and tracking of sessions and speakers
      1. https://waffle.io/samvera-labs
    2.  Google drive
      1. Chris set up for 2018
      2. Link: program planning and structure of past Connect conferences
    3. Sessionizer for timetabling unconference sessions
      1. https://github.com/curationexperts/sessionizer
      2. Script run (originally created by Peter Binkley) to scrape wiki and put into GitHub repo (above)
      3. Aaron Collier will check with Justin Coyne and Erin Fahy about sessionizer use and scripts–any information on this?
  10. Next steps?
    ACTION:  Brian McBride will send out the next registration communication NEXT Monday 6/18. 
    ACTION:  arouner will send out proposal information soon after 
    ACTION:  Chris Diaz will read a paper that came out about this and summarize at our next meeting on 7/3/2018 
    ACTION:  Margaret Mellinger will draft a google form for program proposals 
    ACTION:  Aaron Collier  wil check in about Sessionizer.