2018-10-03 Program Committee

Connection Info:


Agenda and Notes 

  1. Welcome / Check attendees list (above)
  2. Facilitator arouner
  3. Additions/changes to agenda?
    1. Next WED (TODAY) is cutoff for catering so any special requests NOON mountain std time Wed
    2. I blew it on this—is it just too late to even ask people about this?
    3. no need to send another now...
  5. POST (spreadsheet-like) SCHEDULE on site per Richard
    1. Volunteer: Richard will add this
    2. Andrew will review 
    3. Brian et al will email Richard when set
    1. Must be added to visible schedule
    2. SCHEDULE those already signed-up on list 
      Lightning Talk Signup
    3. Margaret suggests adding rooms and times to current wiki pga sign up and we'll all check for speaker conflicts
    4. Must be checked to be sure no conflicts with other sessions
    5. Volunteer: 
  7. WG/IG updates sign-ups/scheduling
    1. Need to send to WG/IG groups asking if they want to give updates
    2. Many already doing so at partners meeting Monday…
  8. DINNER SIGN-UPS on wiki
    1. Assigned to: AR
    2. Brian put up generic dinner sign-up page
    3. Will make generic sign-up lists on wiki and then call for people to organize themselves for sign-ups
    4. Including dinner for mentees
  9. Mentor/Mentee
    1. Check/edit Mentor/Mentee wiki pages
    2. Use Google form sign-up from Robin?
    3. Wednesday dinner
    4. Use Brian's attendee email list to ask for Mentor/Mentee
    5. Assigned to: AR
  10. All emails will go to Utah list...
  11. except one more reminder to general list to still register
  12. VIDEO
    1. Brian has additional hand-held cameras
    2. only event to live stream is plenary
  13. Satisfaction survey
    1. Richard and Brian set up satisfaction survey
  14. Google drive needs to be set up so presenters can post slides etc.
  15. Which drive was this for all Samvera-connect...
  16. Brian will be able to set up G-drive for presenters...
  17. Unconference