Samvera Topical Tech Call 2021-05-27 - Efficient Nested Indexing

Meeting Logistics:


(meeting notes below)

Facilitators: Lynette Rayletamsin johnson

Notetaker: Juliet Hardesty


Meeting Process

 Facilitators and Note Taker - click to see meeting process...
  1. Topical Tech Call has focused agenda - following steps adjusted
  2. Standing pre-agenda items (facilitators)
    1. Welcome

      • "Welcome everyone, please add your name to the Attendees list.  If you are unable to do so, please let us know, and someone will add you. To any newcomers, Welcome, and please feel free to ask questions. Likewise for all attendees. We strive for an open and accessible conversation around Samvera technology."

    2. This is extra scheduled Tech Call for topics brought up at Dev Congress that require discussion
  3. Follow Agenda from above (facilitated by moderator) and record notes in Notes section below (note taker)
  4. Reminder for next regularly scheduled Tech Call (Wednesday, June 2 9am Pacific/noon Eastern)