2019-12-09 User Round Table Meeting



Greetings and Introductions
Release and Migration DiscussionWith the upcoming release of Avalon 7.0 in mind, let's talk about which Avalon versions members of the community is currently on, and if there are any hurdles or challenges common to maintaining and upgrading an Avalon instance.
Transcript and Syncing Document Update
Avalon Questions, Thoughts and General DiscussionPlease bring any questions you have for me or fellow Avalon users.
Meeting Times for Next YearIs the second Monday of the month at 1 PM EST still the best time and date?


  • Randy's team had some trouble installing from the Avalon manual instructions (CentOS)
    • The line for Tomcat to set up Fedora - the opts line didn't seem to have the right syntax
  • Documentation for Avalon 7, including install, will be available with the 7.0 release next month
  • Recommendation is for users who are still in the process of installing Avalon to start with the 7.0 release
  • Installation documentation (as well as other documentation) will get an update this month in preparation for the release
  • Jon will send a Doodle poll for meetings next month