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Avalon's public contact address is The contact form on our website ( goes directly to this address.

Mailing Lists

Avalon Announcements

The primary mailing list for announcements about upcoming developments, new releases, meeting and other important milestones during the development of Avalon Media System. (Subscribe)

Avalon Discussion

The primary mailing list for discussion among those evaluating, piloting, or implementing Avalon. Discussion may be technical- or feature-oriented. (Subscribe)


Avalon's public Slack channel provides a forum for users, developers and system administrators to quickly and conveniently message with the Avalon team.

Joining the Samvera Slack team requires an invitation, but anyone can generate an automatic invite to the Samvera slack channel using the following form:


Peruse, download, fork or clone the Avalon code. You can also find many repositories of supporting tools and components within our GitHub organization.

Community Groups

Avalon User Roundtable

The User Roundtable is a community group open to the Avalon community and beyond — anyone interested in talking with other Avalon users, the Avalon team, and media concerns are welcome to join.