April 10, 2015


Dial: +1 (530) 881-1400
Access Code: 651025


Facilitator: Anders Conrad, Royal Library of Denmark

Notetaker: Carolyn Caizzi, Northwestern


  • Anders Conrad, Royal Library of Denmark

Agenda & Notes

  1. Roll Call
    1. Welcome New Folks  :  Kevin Reiss (Princeton); Trey Terrell (Oregon State); Mark Matienzo (DPLA)
    2. Attending : Mike Giarlo (Penn State); Linda Newman, (Cincinnati);  Richard Green (University of Hull); Chris Awre (University of Hull); Simeon Warner (Cornell); Matt McVey (Tufts U.);  Dean Krafft (Cornell);  Matt (Cornell) ;  Eben English (Boston Public); Rick Johnson (Notre Dame); Mike Friscia (Yale); Mike Bussey (DCE); Tom Cramer (Stanford); Mark Notess (Indiana)
    3. Call for Agenda Items:  None
      Next Call

2. Next call

              a. Date: May 8th, 2015

      1. Facilitator: Mark Bussey (DCE)
      2. Notetaker: Simeon Warner (Cornell)

3. Hydra-in-a-Box project

    1. Info - and expected community involvement: Develop turnkey Hydra app; turnkey metadata app from DPLA; develop hosting service; DPLA is the lead
    2. Next steps:  No specific next steps at this moment in time; initial post grant notification meetings are just taking place.  Working on a public version of the grant in terms of scope of project.  Community would like to see more detail in terms of specifications.  Community is looking forward to hearing more.  (smile)

4. Standing Community to-do's

    1. Reports back from meetings (if any)
      1. LAMDevConX, 23-25 March 2015 : see meeting notes on Stanford's website (http://library.stanford.edu/projects/ldcx).  Portland data model, linked data, geospatial services, IIIF work
        1. Agenda
      2. Hydra Developers Congress 26-27 March 2015
      3. Hydra Power Steering 26-27 March 2015 :  Cohesion (community and product) theme.  Blue Sky breakout sessions.  Potential actions items linked below.  Suggestion to walk through action items, gather volunteers to move forward–possibly discuss more in depth in next call?
        1. Greenfield Recommendation re: Hydra and Fedora version (Mark B.)
        2. Action items (note: done items fall off the column, will want to look at closed issues for full picture)
    2. Next Partner and dev-centric meetings
      1. Hydra Europe Symposium 23-24 April 2015 : details finalized on call recently; good spread of institutions (41)
      2. NE States Regional Meeting 7 May 2015 : nothing new to report; details on wiki; 25 ppl attending
      3. Open Repositories 8-11 Jun 2015 : nothing new
      4. Hydra Connect 3 21-24 September 2015, Minneapolis, MN : finalizing contract for rooms; save the date; registration should open in early June
      5. Hydra Connect 4 2016: call for hosting location will go out in June
    3. Training
      1. Hydracamp, London 20-23 April 2015: just a few attendees signed up, plenty of space
    4. Reports from Interest & Working Groups
      1. Archivists Interest Group : archives running thread at LAMDevConX; call to add more archivists to discussions
      2. Digital Preservation Interest Group : hydradam2 input next call
      3. User Experience Interest Group : notes on wiki; low participation
      4. Web presence WG : actively researching other websites; developing personas for our website users; will be interviewing ppl
      5. Service Manager IG : notes on wiki  2015-03-25
      6. Page viewer/page turner IG : notes on wiki from end of March
      7. Metadata Working Group (CfP announced 02/19) : no update
      8. Time-based Media IG (T-MIG) : no update
    5. Decided for MAY 8 call: Progress on issues from Power Steering (see https://github.com/projecthydra-labs/power-steering/issues) (see also https://waffle.io/projecthydra-labs/power-steering)
    6. Progress on implementation of Duraspace agreement: next steps are finances; in process of going back and confirming the contributions from institutions/getting contacts for invoicing

5. Prospective Partner Intel Sharing

6. Any other old or new business