Hyrax Fedora 6 Working Group Original Charter

Archived 03/2024

Scope & Objectives

As of writing, the current stable release of Hyrax (https://github.com/samvera/hyrax/releases/tag/hyrax-v3.6.0) uses Fedora 4 as its back end for both file storage and metadata store. In recent community conversations, the Fedora Community identified a number of Hyrax implementers that hope current development efforts will lead to a migration path to Fedora 6 for Hyrax. To date, however, a development plan for Hyrax 4.x and Fedora 6 has not been documented. The Hyrax Fedora 6 Working Group will work with the Hyrax Product Owner and Tech Lead to identify and plan the work necessary for Hyrax to use Fedora 6.

The specific objectives are listed below. The objectives also provide examples of what work might need to be done; these examples are not exhaustive so the working group can identify additional work or remove work based on its findings.

  • Identify and complete any pre-work to determine the scope of development. Working with the Fedora Tech Lead, Hyrax Tech Lead, and the Hyrax Product Owner, identify any pre-work that should occur in order to determine the scope of development (e.g., a Fedora 4 to 6 migration of an example Hyrax / Fedora repository; set up a test Hyrax 4.x and Fedora 6 to determine viability; etc.). Work with existing community members engaged in Hyrax / Fedora 6 work that might help clarify the scope of development (e.g., Emory’s work with Hyrax and Fedora 6; Indiana’s work with Avalon and Fedora 6; etc.).

  • Determine what infrastructure is needed to engage in the scoped development. Identify what infrastructure is needed to ensure that the scoped development is successful (e.g., should Nurax’s existing infrastructure be used or should separate infrastructure be utilized for this development work). If necessary, identify a funding source for additional infrastructure (e.g., request funding from the Samvera Board or request a partner institution host the infrastructure).

  • Determine the scope of development. Working with the Hyrax Tech Lead, the Hyrax Product Owner, and the Fedora Tech Lead, identify the scope of development to ensure Hyrax 4.x works with Fedora 6 (e.g., the group should identify if their goal is to create a greenfield Hyrax 4.x and Fedora 6 or if the goal is to migrate an existing Hyrax 4.x and Fedora 4 repository to Hyrax 4.x and Fedora 6).

  • Create a high-level outline for the development work. Working with the Hyrax Tech Lead, the Hyrax Product Owner, and the Fedora Tech Lead, create a high-level outline for the development work (e.g., create high-level epics that can later be translated into sprints or be broken up into tickets).

Deliverables & Timeframe

The following work should be accomplished in three months. Remember that this is planning work, not development work.

  • Pre-work outcomes document. Create a document that summarizes any pre-work the group has engaged in, any lessons learned for this work, and any next steps future working groups or development teams might need to engage in.

  • An infrastructure proposal. Create a one page proposal outlining what infrastructure is needed in order to complete development for Hyrax / F6 development. Include potential options for funding this infrastructure (if necessary).

  • A scoping document. Create a one but no more than three page document that outlines the problem we are trying to solve, the proposed solution for the problem, the risks associated with the work, and any work that is explicitly out of scope for the effort.

  • An outline of the development effort. Create an outline of the work needed to ensure Hyrax uses Fedora 6. The list of development work should translate into epics so that a development team might breakdown the work into tickets.